The Best Furniture For Your Outdoor Sanctuary

Every yard needs a beautiful outdoor place to hang out with your friends and family but you want to make sure you have the furniture that will last and look so inviting. Continue reading if you would like to know what type of furniture for the outdoors is the best and why.

Wicker is not a material — it is actually an exceptionally functional weaving procedure.

One of the main materials often used for wicker patio furniture is usually rattan.

Rattan was likely one of the first all-natural materials used in furniture.

Like the much more popular bamboo, rattan is actually a vine that grows in the tropical rain forests of Indonesia and South-East Asia. But, unlike bamboo rattan is usually solid, not hollow.

Specialized furniture makers make use of sizeable, strong pole-sized pieces to fashion the strong support frames of the furniture. Steam is used to soften the parts so they are able to be formed into lovely contours we see on most pieces today. When the rattan cools, it retains the form.

When shopping for wicker garden furniture — in particular sizeable items such as couches and tables — make sure to look for a frame made from sturdy, rigid, “broom handle” sized poles.

To complete the furniture, the weavers connect smaller size components (the “wicker”) upon the exterior of the frame. This method of weaving and attaching the smaller pieces to the surface of the pole rattan frame requires a lot of natural materials in addition to expert ability and effort on the part of the weavers.

This is why almost all woven (”wicker”) furniture is more pricey than mere pole rattan furniture.

However, natural wicker furniture is unable to weather very well and is not suitable for outdoor use.

Treating the wicker by using resin makes it ideal for patio furniture. Resin treated wicker is UV, high temperature, and frost resistant and is nearly maintenance-free.

Today’s Wicker Garden Furniture

Most pieces of wicker garden furniture today have structures built from powder-coated aluminum. Pole rattan is porous which enables it to absorb moisture and eventually deteriorate. Aluminum will not rust and may be finished to match the colour of the furnishings and will provide you with many years of use and enjoyment. Due to their improved endurance, powder-coated aluminum frames tend to be the most desirable for wicker patio furniture.

Furthermore man-made, non-porous, vinyls and resins are usually used over those aluminum bodies. You will find this referred to as synthetic wicker. Given that wicker is the weaving method instead of the material, this really is not necessarily a false or misleading description.

Although not quite as pretty or “organic”, these man-made pieces should last considerably longer than their organic counterparts.

PVC outdoor furniture provides many advantages over traditional outdoor furniture. It is incredibly strong but lightweight, inexpensive, lasts forever and can be left out year-round. Find out if PVC outdoor furniture is right for you and your yard or patio and find the best deals possible to make your yard your perfect sanctuary.

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