Shower Renovation Tips

Many homes these days have showers; they are quick and practical ways to wash when in a hurry. With our busy lifestyles and managing work and home, often a quick shower is the ideal way to get ready for a busy day rather than relaxing in a hot bath.

At the same time, showers are the ideal option for compact bathrooms that have limited floor space where a bath would ruin the layout rather than complimenting the space. When it comes to bathroom showers there are so many choices available; from the shape and size of the shower tray to the selection of enclosures you have to choose from.

Allora Tiled Wall Shower
Platinum Acrylic Shower


Ario Acrylic Angle Round Shower

When choosing bathroom showers you will want to consider the shape of the shower tray that best suits your bathroom design. Shower trays come in a choice of shapes from rectangular to square and corner units with rounded fronts.

Your bathroom size will also play an important role in the decision. Compact bathrooms often benefit from a corner shower that can save on available floor space, while a spacious bathroom can benefit from a large rectangular shower.

Of course there are the stunning design options of a walk in shower which often compliments the larger bathroom designs.

The Enclosure

Your shower enclosure is an essential part of the shower, this is what reduces the risk of leaking, and leaving you mopping the bathroom floor after each person in the home has had their shower.

Enclosures come in the same shapes to fit the shower trays available on the market. You can choose from sliding doors to pivot doors, depending on your bathroom design and what you prefer.

Compact bathrooms benefit from the sliding door option, which doesn’t need to open out of the cubicle, so you don’t have to worry about any obstacles that may get in the way. If you do choose the pivot door option, ensure there are no obstacles to enable the doors to open with ease.

The shower doors also come in two choices, you have the framed or unframed options. The unframed options are easier to clean though they can be slightly more expensive. If choosing a framed option, try and match the colour to the rest of your bathroom design.

Add a Splash of Colour

In many family bathrooms the best option is a shower over the bath design, this ensures that everyone in the home gets to enjoy their personal preference. With these you can add your splash of colour to the bathroom with your shower curtains. Matching your shower curtains to your blind will give you that bit of colour you need, especially if your bathroom is decorated in white.

Make Your Bathroom Unique

Your shower is designed for practicality and performance, but at the same time there is nothing stopping you from adding your personal stamp and making your bathroom unique. When choosing your shower enclosure choose from clear or frosted glass, often frosted glass can add that unique stamp on the space that you were looking for.

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