Practical Tips For Theft-Proofing Your Garage

Property crimes such as burglary are on the decline, but that doesn’t mean that you’re immune. A burglary occurs every 15 seconds in Canada, and 9% of burglars enter the home through the garage. It’s an easy target. One reason for this is that garages often don’t get the same security treatment as the rest of the house does. In addition, forgetful homeowners frequently forget to close and secure their garage doors when they leave. Either case is an open invitation for opportunistic thieves. If you’d like to keep your garage and your belongings safe, follow these tips to get it on the lockdown.

Install a Quality Door, and Keep It Secured

The first line of defense against garage theft is a high quality door. If your door is beaten up, broken or busted, it is a security risk. The situation is even worse when the door doesn’t even close properly because it’s worn out. Make it a priority to update your garage door if it needs to be replaced. In addition to keeping the contents of your garage more secure, a modern door will also help insulate the garage from the heat and cold.

No matter which type of door you have, take extra measures to secure it when you’re away for extended periods of time. Disable the garage door opener. Put a padlock on carriage doors and other styles when possible.

Keep Your Remote Close By

Where do you keep the remote to your garage doors? If you’re like most people, you leave it in your car for quick and easy access to the garage. Although leaving it in the car is convenient, it also makes you more susceptible to theft. This is especially true for people who leave their vehicles unlocked overnight. Unless you want to make breaking into your garage incredibly easy, put your remote on your key ring, and take it inside with you.

If you lose your remote, don’t assume that no one will try it on the local garage doors. Reset the code to your garage door opener to disable the remote. The manufacturer of your garage door opener should be able to provide you with a replacement remote.

Secure Windows

Garages with windows need extra security measures. At a minimum, you should put up curtains or blinds to cover the windows and keep out prying eyes. Homeowners in a high crime area may want to take it a step further by installing bars over the windows to prevent others from climbing into them. Most importantly, remember to keep the windows closed and locked when you leave the garage.

Update Your Security System (or Fake It)

Is the security around your garage lacking? Give it an update! You don’t have to install expensive security systems—simple deterrent devices will do the trick in most cases. Start with motion detector lights that illuminate your driveway when motion is detected. It will put off many thieves, and the lights will be handy for you and your family when you come in at night.

Security cameras are also an excellent tool to monitor your property and deter unsavory characters. If real cameras aren’t in your budget, install fake cameras. Many are incredibly realistic, looking no different from the real thing. Of course, you need to keep it hush-hush that the cameras are fake!

By following these practical tips, your garage, home and family will be safer. Even if you live in an area with low crime rates, reinforcing your garage with extra locks and other security devices is relatively inexpensive and can offer you great peace of mind.

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