Landscape Design – Should you tackle it yourself?

So  you have finally decided to redesign your backyard and give it a new look by adding landscape design? 

What qualifies me to give you information?

 I come from Ontario, Canada and over the last few years, I have done alot of Landscapes design.

There are many options available that will definitely make you stop and think. You can opt for a redesigning anything from your patio to your entire backyard 

The next question naturally becomes should I hire a  Landscape Designer, or do the design yourself?

 But not everyone is an artist. therefore, it can be tough for some to visualize a finished yard.

 The truth of the matter is that not everyone fine the same thing to be interesting. If one thing seems to be beautiful to one person it is not necessary that another person will also find it beautiful 

One line drawn the wrong way can take an entire landscape design and make it look not quite right.

 Drawing, making mistakes, erasing and then redesigning the landscape on a paper is not a difficult task but in an actual yard, as I have seen in many Landscaping projects, there is no room for error.

 Therefore, my suggestion is not to limit your options for the scope of the project rather the important issue here is whether you are capable to handle the project your self or do you need the services of a professional in the field. 

 You can answer the following questions to determine if you have what it takes to be a Landscape Designer. 

 Do you know how to draw?   

Drawing is one of the most important part of any landscape professional designer’s life as they need to be involved in scale drawing.

You will need to take the shape of your yard into consideration before you start building the landscape   

 You need to take precise measurements of your backyard before you start designing and ultimately building the landscape. Just imagine the problem if you build a new patio but it is not big enough for the smallest table in your home! 

 You can utilize many software available in market to help yourself in designing the backyard landscape according to your needs.

 How much do you know about plants?  

 One of the biggest tragedies of older neighborhoods is that they have to cut down beautiful and matured plants especially trees due to the space they consume 

 A professional landscaper will help you in investing in plants on long term basis. For example a tree can take up to 25 years to mature completely and hence you can invest in them without fear of losing your investment for a long time.  

 But keep in mind that you need to ensure that the plants you are planting are local to the landscape around it.  

Design plants that are native to your local area will not only help survival rate but also radiate with the existing surroundings.

In the area in which I live, there are many beautiful Calgary Gardens. The best Gardens all had a sound plan!

 Landscape redesigning in your backyard is not an easy task and hence needs special consideration and time to design a place for yourself and your family to enjoy for many years ahead 

Good luck with your endeavours.

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