Maximize Your Bathroom Space

Since the bathrooms in your home will vary in size, purpose, and users, it is important to know which type of bathroom you are creating when planning your project. Here are three basic types of bathrooms and some features for each:

Remodelling a Master Bathroom:
Allows for luxury and custom designs
Should have generous personal and countertop space
Available room for a bigger tub and shower
Should be a calm and quiet retreat

Remodelling a Family Bathroom:
Should fit the needs of all people who use the bathroom (parents, teens, toddlers, etc.)
Materials should be durable and easy to maintain and clean
Needs adequate storage, try to be creative if you have limited space
Choose decorative accessories that are also functional

Remodelling a Guest Bathroom:
Create a welcoming atmosphere, while keeping it basic and practical
Choose easy maintenance materials
Skip adding luxurious items such as a huge bathtub, steam shower, etc.
Have minimal storage, but enough room for the basics like towels, toilet paper, etc.
Add little details to show your style such as decorative soap or fragrant candles.

Bathroom vanities

Bathroom vanities can often serve as the centerpiece of your bathroom, so choose something to fit your taste and needs. Traditional vanities often have a sink as well as a cabinet underneath. A mirror is also usually placed above the vanity.

Since your bathroom vanity is a high traffic area, make sure to choose a material that can endure everyday wear and tear. Vanity material should be easy to clean and maintain, and should match the style of the rest of your bathroom. When choosing a material for your vanity, follow the same information you used with choosing your countertop materials. You can choose natural stone for a classic look, or stainless steel for a modern one.

Vanities tend to get very cluttered with objects such as razors, shaving creams, bottles of lotion, toothbrushes, etc. You may want to add extra shelving next to your vanity to store these items.

As bathrooms have always been one of the smallest rooms in a home, it is important to know how to maximize these spaces to fit your needs. Whether you are remodeling a master or guest bathroom, the key is to figure out how much storage space is required. Also keep in mind that there are some creative ways to make your bathroom appear larger and keep the space clutter-free.

Consider the following:

Paint walls with a light color to give the room an open feel. You can paint clouds on the ceiling for extra emphasis.

If you decide to use wallpaper, choose small patterns instead of big designs that may overwhelm your bathroom.

Play with light fixtures to maximize your bathroom’s space. Incorporate a skylight or bay window to make the room appear larger.

Place bathroom mirrors opposite of each other if possible. This will give the illusion that the room is larger. A full-length mirror can also help achieve this look.

Choose shiny, reflective surfaces for cabinets, countertops, vanities, etc.

Maximize space by placing storage cabinets in unused vertical spaces. This will draw the eye upward.

Don’t clutter the bathroom with too many accessories. This will make the room seem cramped and small.

Consider using a hall closet if you need extra storage space for bathroom products.

Be creative with your shelving to maximize storage space. For example, use a corner shelf to store smaller objects with easy access.

Use open space on your bathroom walls to mount cabinetry.

Place hooks on the back of the door for towels and robes.

Get rid of empty shampoo or lotion bottles, and keep items that are seldom used in a cabinet
or closet.

Organize your drawers by categories such as makeup and hair products.

Keep travel items stored away.

If you no longer need an item, get rid of it!

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