How To Cut Building Material Costs Without Sacrificing Quality

If you are a contractor who frequently builds new or remodeled homes for individuals, then you will likely meet quite a few people who do not want to spend a great deal of money on the construction. Labor and material costs are both expensive, but you do not want to reduce your own profits to meet the budgetary constraints of your customers. This means that you need to think of unique ways to reduce material expenses. Keep reading to learn how you can do this easily without allowing craftsmanship to suffer.

Invest in Recycled Concrete Materials

If you need to build a foundation or a walkway for a home, then you will need to use cement materials to create the concrete. Cement materials are generally considered cheap, but you will need a great deal of cement and aggregate material to form a solid structure. You can reduce these costs substantially by looking for recycled materials to use.

Contact a Demolition Business

Concrete materials are typically recycled after a home or building is demolished. Generally, the concrete is broken up into large pieces and it is transported to the recycling facility or to a new build location. The material is then crushed and cleaned so that the powder can be reused as cement to make new concrete. In some cases, the material is broken down into pebble sized pieces and the material is used as aggregate instead.

Many demolition companies cut their costs by recycling concrete and you may be able to purchase some of the broken up materials before they are transported to the recycling business. These large or medium sized chunks of concrete make great pavers for walkways or other structures built around a home. Look for a demolition project in your town or city and see if the deconstruction contractors are willing to provide you with concrete pieces. If the business has already signed a recycling contract, then contact the recycler to see if solid concrete or crushed cement can be delivered to your work site.

Use Plywood Instead of Drywall

If you need to build the inside walls of a home, then you probably think that drywall is the best material to use. Unfortunately, drywall can be expensive and it can take some time to secure the seams and joints of the material to produce a clean and finished look. You can reduce both your material costs and labor costs by using wood instead of drywall. Wood materials are as thick and sturdy as drywall, but you do not have to worry about easily damaged materials and uneven seams.

Find the Right Wood

There are a wide variety of plywood and other types of wood materials that you can use to construct walls inside a home. If you want to use traditional materials, then consider purchasing oak or maple plywood that is either three-eighths or one-half of an inch thick. Look for large sheets of the material that are at least four feet by eight feet, so you will spend less time securing the materials to the walls.

If you want to reduce costs further, then consider buying wood materials that are not made out of solid pieces of wood. Particle board, strand board, fiberboard, and melamine are all good choices. Consider using thin boards that are one-quarter of an inch thick to reduce costs even further.

If you decide to use particle board materials, make sure to add several coats of paint to the wood afterwards to reduce the textured appearance of the material. You may also want to talk to the homeowner about hiring a painter who can apply faux painting techniques to transform the texture into an aesthetically pleasing surface.

If you are a construction professional who builds homes for customers, then you might run into budgetary concerns if homeowners do not have a great deal of money to work with. This may cut into your profits, so consider using inexpensive materials that are just as strong and durable as the ones you typically use.

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