Five easy DIY Projects To Transform Your Home

You don’t need to be an expert or to be rich to give your house the new look it deserves! All you need is a few materials and a bit of time to get it done. So if your house needs a little update and you have a little time to give to it, there are plenty of ways to transform any part of your house to make it look and feel like your home.

  1. First, we will start in the heart of the home; the kitchen. 

Are your cabinets old and out dates? A whole new kitchen can sometimes be expensive, so instead of having to spend your entire savings and rip them all out, you can simply sand them down and add the paint color you prefer. This gives a whole new look to your kitchen and can also make it look like brand new cabinets without spending the big bucks. You can complete the kitchen by adding new hardware to your freshly painted cabinet. If your cabinets are already looking good then you can always change the color of your kitchen walls to help give it a new look. Add a few new decors and voila! A gorgeous new kitchen and still money in your kitchen. Things like this will make you feel good!

  1. Give your living space and entrance a whole new look!

You can change things up by simply adding a new colour paint to your walls. New or freshly painted trims can also make a huge difference in your living space. If things still look a little bland, try to bring plants and flowers to lighten things up. Add colour pillows to your couch. One more thing that can help to have your space look new and fresh would be to change door handles and light fixtures. What a huge difference a few updates can do to your home!

  1. Update old furniture 

Furniture is always expensive. Sometimes you just need a change or want things that look newer. Sand down those outdated pieces of furniture and slap on varnish or paint, whatever you prefer. You can also use adhesive paper to add a unique design. Nobody will ever know that it’s a few decades old and they will begin to ask you where you bought your new furniture.

4) Old and a little ugly bathroom

Sometimes, for some reason or another, our bathrooms tend to be a little outdated. If you have a broken toilet, bath or sink, they may need to be replaced. But if they are fine, then you might have to only do a few minor changes to your bathroom to make it look good and updated. Change the paint color, the hardware on the sink cabinets if needed, lights fixtures. If you have horrible floors, you can strip those off and add an inexpensive flooring in the small space. Change your mirror, add some art and you’ve got yourself a brand new kitchen.

5) Make your bedroom look like a luxury suite.

Your bed and dressers were tossed in there at one point. It’s simple but doesn’t have much. Add a new color of paint on your walls, keep in neutral and then you can add some colorful art. New lamps and an area rug will really help tie the room together.

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