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Bathroom Remodel Plans

When choosing the type and location of lighting, think about the layout of your bathroom. There might be a certain place you want to accent or you may want extra brightness around mirrors. You should also consider lighting that can be switched from dim to bright, so you can match your mood when getting ready for work or taking a relaxing bath. Although unique and extravagant lighting may be right for you, these lighting options tend to overpower smaller bathrooms… Continue reading.

Owning A House Is Harder Then It Looks.

Back in 2010 I was traveling  an hour long drive back and forth to work  and my parents house every weekday. I would have to wake up every morning at 5:30 a.m. and leave the house by 6:15 p.m. to be at work for 7:30 a.m.  Most days... continue reading.

Five Easy DIY Projects To Transform Your Home

You don’t need to be an expert or to be rich to give your house the new look it deserves! All you need… continue reading.

Guide to DIY basement renovations on a budget 

Does your basement have potential but is an unused space at the moment?  What if you could use that space for anything you wanted. Like entertainment, kids space, office space, bedrooms, gyms, man cave, and more… Continue reading.

Signs You Need To Replace Your Roof

How old is your existing roof? Most roofing experts will agree that a shingle roof can last between 20 to 25 years. Whether you need a new roof or not also depends if it is a new layer of shingles or if it’s multiple layers of shingles on top of each other then it’s more likely that your roof is over 20 to 25 years old which… Continue Reading.

Why are homes important to us?

Have you ever heard the expression “ home is where your heart is”?  The reason why we say that is because a home is constructed with all the things that make you and your family who you are.  Your house would not be at home without it. This is where you should really feel the most comfortable… Continue reading.

Owning A Fixer Upper

Sometimes all you can afford in a home is to have something that is not completely finished yet. But that is nothing to be ashamed of, most of us have to find an affordable house and sometimes those are the ones that need a little bit more work. The good thing… Continue reading.

3 Common Plumbing Problems And 3 Ways To Fix Them

Every homeowner needs to know some basic plumbing. At the barest minimum the location of the water meter should be known and a curb key should be at hand to turn the main valve, shutting off the water to the entire house. There are major plumbing problems and there are minor problems. The major ones require… Continue reading.

Water proofing Your House

Water, water, everywhere. It falls from the sky, rises in the rivers, flows through the ground, it seems like it is literally everywhere on Earth. Your home is no different. It is constantly exposed to water from rain, snow and humidity. This water can eventually makes its way into your home, causing mildew and mold… Continue reading.

Selecting A Timmins Plumber

Choosing a Timmins Plumber can be an intimidating and daunting task but it doesn’t have to be so, the initial thing you want to make sure is they are local in your city or town. Choosing a local plumber or more specifically a plumber in Timmins is important; outside of geographical sense spending your hard earned money back in the community where your local plumber has a reputation… Continue reading.

Tips On Choosing Home Furniture

There are so many types, colours and materials of home furniture on the market today that it is not the easiest thing to just go out and buy, you have to know a few things first. Your lifestyle, your tastes and your budget will all determine what type of furniture you want to buy, and sometimes there are even more than just one resident in the house who will also want to have their say… Continue reading.

Tips On Choosing Furniture Online

These days with the internet at our fingertips, making purchases online does not sound surprising any longer. It saves plenty of time and money and just with the click of a mouse; you are transported into another world of shopping from anything that your heart desires. Home furniture is no exception and whether you want to purchase brand new furniture for your home or rather look at the second hand… Continue reading.

Different Types Of Wood Furniture

Many people think that a home is not complete unless it has an elegant set of home furniture inside it. This is because many times the furniture we choose for our home reflects on our own life, it gives an idea to our friends just who we are, our style and even our budget. Even though furniture today comes in a huge amount of different styles and metals or plastics, people still love buying wooden furniture. Wood has continued to stand the test of time in popularity because it can look very modern… Continue reading.

Keeping Up With The Modern Trends

Choosing the right home furniture can certainly become a little challenging, particularly if you have never done it before and you don’t have any idea where to look or what to look for. Many people today lead very busy lives and sometimes they just don’t get the time to go searching for furniture that would match their styles or the design of their homes. Furniture sets for the home are really very important parts of your home because they serve such a lot of functions, plus they enhance your home inside and outside… Continue reading.

How To Save Money On Home Furniture

If you have a home office, you will want to make sure that you love working from it and that you are comfortable. And in order for that to happen, you need to furnish it with lovely pieces of home furniture, but you also don’t want to spend a load of money trying to achieve that. You don’t have to spend a fortune on buying everything new; there is a fantastic solution and that is searching for used home… Continue reading.

How To Choose Your Colour Scheme

Most people know that not all colours can go together, only certain colours can be matched together and they look good. So due to this fact, it is safe to say that colour is an important factor to consider when it comes to interior design. Because there are so many different colours these days and not all of them can go together, interior designers have an important job to make sure… Continue reading.

Choosing Shades Or Curtains For Windows

Just everything else in our lives these days, interior design continues to have more and more trends and variety. We all know by now that our lifestyles are about trends and one has to follow some of these trends in order to not remain stuck in the past. So the design industry is also coming up with its own trends in order to help individuals to… Continue reading.

The Professional’s Guide To Repairing Roofs

Is your roof weathered and worn? It may be time for a roofing repair. For a job like this, we don’t recommend trying to do this on your own. We suggest that you call on a team of skilled and experienced professionals that you can trust. With all of the right tools and knowledge, they are guaranteed to produce great results… Continue reading.

5 Things Every homeowner Needs To Know Before Replacing a Roof

The foundation and the roof are the two most important parts of your home. For the sake of this article we’re going to focus on the roof. All things considered, the roof keeps water out of the building and helps protect us from the elements. And keeping in mind that no one likes paying to replace an entire roof, the basic function of the roof and the beauty it brings to your home ought to help forego the agony of burning through $8,000 to $20,000 on the work Continue reading.

Type Of Commercial And Residential Roofs

Before adding a new roof to your new home or business, homeowners should consider the types of roofs available. The two major types of roofs are pitched and flat. There are advantages and disadvantages to each, and the type the customer ultimately chooses will depend on preferences and the type of structure the roof is to be placed on. A professional roofing contractor, such as V & S Handyman Renovation Roofing, can help you with a consultation to decide which type is best for your needs… Continue reading.

Tips For Home Owners To Save On Roof Replacement

We’ve all been warned,  but not all have heeded the warning.  Spend a little now to save a ton later.  Many times it’s the most important items that get the least attention needed, like your roof.  We know we need to get regular health checkups to avoid any major issues creeping up on us. Every year we get teeth cleanings and regular checkups on our heating and cooling systems… Continue reading.

Roof Maintenance, Preparation and Storm Recovery

Summer brings in trips to the lake, barbecues, and vacations….it also brings in 40 plus degree weather and it takes a toll not only on our abilities to be outside and withstand the eat, but our homes too! Extreme heat can cause major damage to your roof. Here are a few roof maintenance tips for you to make sure your home is cool and comfortable, and your roof withstands the… Continue reading.

Commercial Roofing Factors

There is a list of important factors that roofers use to assess the state of a commercial roof. The following factors will monitor which options offer the best return on investment and desired efficiency… Continue reading.

Top Tips To Find An Affordable Locksmith

We are not very familiar with the locksmith profession. Do you know what a locksmith does? Get all the information you need with regards to this profession when you read this article. When you need locksmiths in the future, you will know what to do… Continue reading.

How To Choose Flooring

It is simple enough to find the particular right kind of kitchen tile flooring for your own home after you have decided just what advantage you prioritize more than all others – appear through the immense figures of websites available online for kitchen tile floors and choose the tiles that will will match your kitchen the best… Continue Reading.

Granite Counter Tops And The One That Suites You Best

Granite countertops offer the best in aesthetic value, and while there are countless reasons for choosing granite countertops, here are our top five: 1 . Durability, durability, durability. Granite’s unique and complex structure makes it a poster-child for durability. As the second hardest material on earth landing just short of diamond, granite surfaces last… Continue reading.

Maximize Your Bathroom Space

Since the bathrooms in your home will vary in size, purpose, and users, it is important to know which type of bathroom you are creating when planning your project. Here are three basic types of bathrooms and some features for each… Continue reading.

Type Of Sidding

Siding is your home’s skin. It provides support for your home’s frame, protects it from the weather elements, and is a key factor in your home’s appearance. When choosing siding, make sure to keep a few things in mind. You must consider your climate, the style you want to create, the size of your budget, and how much maintenance you… Continue reading.

My Garage Door Won’t Open, What To Do.

Professional garage door repair companies hear this question frequently. It seems like it almost always happens to most people as they are about to leave for work, or when they arrive home from a long day. I suppose that being locked out of the garage would be the better of the two previous options. However if you are experiencing this problem, you do have… Continue reading.

Adding A Three Season Porch

A three season porch would be a much better use of space for one of our customers and her husband than the existing open deck. They had no idea when the started the project, just how long it would take to complete. Challenges with permitting and communication issues with the contractor delayed the project, but in the end, they’ll have a beautiful room they can enjoy with family and friends… Continue reading.

Tips For Buying Trims/ Molding

Do you notice the way interior trim on the walls and ceiling can make the difference between a room that’s extraordinary versus one that’s ordinary? You can dress a room up the way you dress to go to a fancy party, and you know how great it feels with the perfect dress and accessories. Even better is that once you’ve added crown... Continue reading.

Home Renovation and Cleaning Tips

Like many homeowners, you probably plan to keep the current design of your kitchen basically the same but you would like to renew and update its look. Cabinet resurfacing in Timmins Ontario also known as cabinet refinishing, lets you do just that. You can keep your existing kitchen cabinets intact while completely transforming the appearance… Continue reading.

Bathroom Renovation Tip On A Budget

The mistake many homeowners make when designing their bathroom is using their budget unwisely. Many spend too much on their bathroom fixtures such as their bath, toilet and basin and don’t leave enough for other bathroom essentials, such as your bathroom cabinets. Continue reading…

Shower Renovation Tips

Many homes these days have showers; they are quick and practical ways to wash when in a hurry. With our busy lifestyles and managing work and home, often a quick shower is the ideal way to get ready for a busy day rather than relaxing in a… Continue reading.

Bathroom Renovations Tips

Renovating a bathroom is not an overnight decision. It’s one that takes careful planning and organization, one that takes design and combines it with practicality and functionality. We all work really hard to make our homes a space we can be proud of. Many of us spend a fortune on our homes each year to ensure that they are a place where we can entertain guests without… Continue reading.

Planning Your Renovation Project

It was another festive occasion at your house the other night. There were great conversations, great meals and a lot of laughs. And it all took place in different rooms. Nothing is connected, and whoever designed your kitchen probably failed Home-Economics and Wood Shop. It’s time for a change… Continue reading.

Renovation Checklist

Forewarned is forearmed, take it from us. We are more than happy to share our 30+ years of experience in the Timmins Renovations market with you, even if you aren’t using us as your renovations contractor. Perhaps you are just starting to look for a Renovator to help with your next project, or maybe you’re in the middle of a project gone awry and are fighting to get it back on track. Take a few minutes and use our Top Ten Checklists to help you get the answers… Continue reading.

Kitchen Renovations On A Budget

Are you a homeowner?  If so, there is a good chance that you may be a little tight on cash.  As nice as it is to own a home, it is expensive to. Despite being low on financial resources, you may still want to remodel your home, particularly your kitchen. Although you might not think that it is possible, there are a number of different ways that you can go about changing your kitchen around without having to spend… Continue reading.

Kitchen Renovation Safety Tips You Need To Know

Are you a homeowner who is looking to start a kitchen remodelling project?  If so, are you doing that project by yourself?  While a large number of homeowners make the decision to hire a professional contractor, others do not.  Not only will you have control over your kitchen remodelling project, but doing your own… Continue reading.

How To Choose A New Shower

In Canada, a large number of homeowners only have a bathtub in their homes. Most bathtubs really aren’t just bathtubs; many also double as showers.  As nice as it is to only have one bathroom fixture, especially one that can do two jobs, you may be looking for more. If you are looking to remodel your… Continue reading. Continue reading.

Tips On Installing A Home Theater

Having to be able to bring home entertainment may be a luxury. This is because only very few households can afford home theater system. Of late, only the rich and the famous can afford such luxury. This notion is now a thing of the past. Home theater systems may now be available to greater number of households because of the knowledge of… Continue reading.

Creative and Affordable Ideas to Bring your Living Room to Life

Your living room is the room in your house where most of the living takes place.  It’s where your family gathers to watch television, read, and generally unwind and relax after a busy day.  It’s also the room where company gathers during parties and holidays.  But you’re struggling to come up with decorating ideas and strategies for it, and you worry that your budget isn’t big enough to… Continue reading.

Epic Kitchen Renovation Ideas

The kitchen is the heart of the house, so its design is important. It’s more than just the place to keep your food; it’s where folks and friends get together. If the heart of your home isn’t what you want it to be, a remodelling project could really help. You can remodel your kitchen and find just the right style that is really You… Continue reading.

Effective Repairs That Add Value To Your Home

Selling your house especially when the economy is down and the number of competition in the real estate market continues to go up is an extremely challenging and fulfilling venture to embark on. Your most important concern is on how to set an edge on your property and put it in a pedestal beyond reach of other competition in the market. Continue reading.

What You Need To Know About Commercial Renovations

Renovating your commercial space can be an exciting time for any business owner, but it can quickly turn to a nightmare without proper planning and implementation. While some people certainly can take on a project of that magnitude, it’s often best to bring in the professionals for commercial renovations. Learning what to look for in a builder and understanding exactly what a professional team can do is vital… Continue reading.

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