Bathroom Renovation Tips On A Budget

The mistake many homeowners make when designing their bathroom is using their budget unwisely. Many spend too much on their bathroom fixtures such as their bath, toilet and basin and don’t leave enough for other bathroom essentials, such as your bathroom cabinets.

Fontana Wall hung vanity

Bathroom vanities are an essential kit in any bathroom, it helps you reduce your bathroom clutter while keeping the bathroom neat and tidy. While this may seem important, there are some factors to take into consideration when choosing the perfect bathroom cabinets.

Grafton Vanities


You need to set yourself a strict budget when it comes to your bathroom renovation and this needs to include a bathroom vanity. These cabinets can make a huge difference to any bathroom enabling you to store all your toiletries, medicines and towels with ease.

There are a selection of cheap bathroom vanities on the market, most of them include the cabinet, sink and in some cases, a mirror. For compact bathrooms there are the wall hung options which can store your toiletries and medicines.

The advantage of the smaller bathroom vanities for compact bathrooms is that they often have mirrored doors which add light to a room and make it feel so much bigger than it actually is.

Layout and Space

The next important factor when choosing vanities for bathrooms is the layout of your current bathroom and the space you have available. All vanities have cabinet doors which need to open freely, so you need to ensure you have adequate space to avoid the doors being unable to open due to obstacles.

Bathroom Design

Your current bathroom design will also impact your bathroom vanity. Try and keep your bathroom vanity in line with the current design in terms of size, shape and colour. Bathroom vanities come in a wide choice of colours and finishes to compliment any bathroom from stunning white to wood finishes.

Madrid Hand basin Vanity

Bathroom vanities are available in large and small designs to meet any bathroom layout, from square or rectangular to semi-circular options, you can find the right bathroom vanity for your bathroom space.

If your bathroom is predominantly white with white fixtures and walls, keeping the same colour flowing with your bathroom vanity enables you to add your splashes of colour with a bold blind, your towels, or even by adding a mirror which will reflect the light and make the bathroom feel more spacious.


A bathroom vanity is more than a finishing touch in a bathroom, it’s a functional item that offers convenience whether it’s in a smaller en-suite bathroom or the main family bathroom.

These bathroom vanities give you the opportunity to clear your bathroom of clutter, hiding your items in a bathroom cabinet, out of sight of any guests visiting your home. This enables you to keep your bathroom neat at all times with ample storage for all your toiletries, medicines and towels.

For those who enjoy taking pride in their homes and looking for a way to keep the neatness under control in a busy family bathroom, bathroom vanities are the ultimate solution.

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