Bathroom Remodel Plans

Choosing Bathroom Lighting

When choosing the type and location of lighting, think about the layout of your bathroom. There might be a certain place you want to accent or you may want extra brightness around mirrors.

You should also consider lighting that can be switched from dim to bright, so you can match your mood when getting ready for work or taking a relaxing bath. Although unique and extravagant lighting may be right for you, these lighting options tend to overpower smaller bathrooms.

Making plans to remodel your bathroom can be complicated since there are many parts to this project. You want to create a stylish bathroom, while making sure it meets your everyday needs and provides a relaxing environment.Here are some tips and questions to think about:

Assess your current bathroom and its condition.

Think about what can be kept and what needs to be replaced.
If your bathroom is outdated, you may want to give it a more modern look.
Check to see if there are any broken fixtures that need to be replaced.

Consider your practical needs.
How many people will be using the bathroom?
Will multiple people be using it at the same time?
Do you need separate toilet and shower areas?
Will you be creating a smaller bathroom or a master bathroom?

Create a budget.
Since bathroom remodeling can range anywhere from new paint and fixtures to an entire renovation, decide how much money you are willing to spend. Think about the purpose for remodeling your bathroom.
If you are remodeling your bathroom to increase your home’s resale value, you may want to stick with more simple renovations. For example, don’t add your dream whirlpool.
If you are remodeling for your own use, add your personal style to make the bathroom fit your taste and needs.

Do your research.
Think carefully about the changes you want to make and don’t rush the project.
Since there are limitless options in flooring, fixtures, countertops, etc., be prepared to do your homework and make a lot of decisions.

Ask for help.
Find a qualified contractor for the job.
Find a licensed plumber or other specialized professionals.

have evolved from a simple room with a toilet, shower, sink and mirror to elaborate home spas. You no longer need to step outside your home to find a relaxing and soothing atmosphere to ease your daily stress. Home spas are not only for the wealthy; today’s technology gives you tons of affordable options to transform your bathroom into the spa of your dreams.

Turning Your Bathroom Into A Spa

Here are some tips on creating your own home spa at an affordable price:

Use simple and soothing patterns and colors that you find relaxing in your bathroom.

Use aromatherapy candles. They make for relaxed lighting and exude a desirable scent.

Use thick, cotton towels or robes and slippers for a spa-like feeling.

Incorporate nature themes into your bathroom, such as plants or shapes of tropical fish or flowers. Place a small CD player in your bathroom and keep relaxing music on hand.

Add furniture, such as a comfortable chair, to your bathroom.

Place multiple shower heads that can be adjusted in your shower or jets in your bathtub. Add steam to your shower to promote relaxation.

Install heated tile in your flooring. It will keep your feet warm and cozy and make your wet floor dry faster to make it less slippery.

If you find television programming relaxing, add a TV screen to your bathroom. Choose lighting that can be dimmed to give your bathroom a peaceful atmosphere.

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