4 Tips For Buying A Lawn Mower

When buying a lawn mower, go for one that is easy to operate and maintain. Choosing a lawnmower can be difficult given the many brands available. Here are four tips for buying a lawn mower:

Type of Lawnmower

Lawnmowers fall into two broad categories: push or walk-behind and riding-type. The size of your lawn will largely determine the type of lawnmower suitable to purchase. More specifically, the former is ideal for mowing small lawns (less than half an acre) while the latter is suitable for mowing lawns larger lawns (more than half an acre).

Grass Clipping Handling

Look for a lawn mower that handles the grass clippings according to your needs. The various options available here include bagging, mulching and side discharging. A bagging-capable mower collects grass clippings in a bag, meaning you do not have to worry about raking after mowing. This feature also reduces your workload because all you have to do after mowing is remove bag with grass clippings for disposal in a trash bin. Mulching-capable lawnmowers simply turn grass cuttings into mulch for your lawn. Take note, some mowers come with built-in mulching gear. You can purchase a mulching add-on if your mower does not have one already built-in. A mulching-capable mower is only suitable for trimming grass that is not too tall. Side discharge lawn mowers come in handy when trimming tall grass. True to their name, they discharge grass clippings from the sides of the mower, meaning you have to rake up the grass clippings later.

Power Source

In terms of power source, a mower can either be gas, electric, or manually powered. Gas powered mowers are ideal for large lawns with uneven terrain. If buying a riding mower to trim grass on a lawn with uneven terrain and numerous obstacles, go for one with zero-turn-radius (ZTR) capability. With such a mower, you can easily navigate around flowerbeds, trees, and landscaping features like water fountains. Electric mowers are suitable for medium acreage lawns (between a 1/4 and 1/3 of an acre). Their main selling points include quiet operation, no emission of environmental pollutants, and they are easy to start. Electric mowers can be either cordless or corded. Manually powered lawnmowers are ideal for small lawns no more than a quarter acre in size. Their advantages include quiet operation, low maintenance, and no emission of pollutants.


Features generally vary across the board. Some of the key features to consider include front or rear wheel-drive configurations, engine torque, cut width, type of transmission (manual, automatic, or hydrostatic), engine horsepower, engine displacement, cruise control, turning radius, speed, as well as mulching and bagging capabilities. For ride-type lawn mowers, comfort features such as ergonomic seats, extended legroom, and armrests are necessary.


The right lawn mower will not only make it easier to mow a lawn, but will also cost less to operate and maintain. Some of the key factors to consider when buying a lawn mower include grass clipping handling, power source, type of mower, and features like cruise control, cut width, and engine horsepower.

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