Why You Need a Bath Addition

When I first purchased my house, I never thought that I’d need to make any upgrades.  I was satisfied with what the house was furnished with.  I made it a point to take a look at all of the new upgrades in the home, from the new kitchen counters to the brand new furnace in the basement.  I’m also a stickler when it comes to keeping my bathroom clean and tidy, so I also made it a priority to inspect everything in each of our bathrooms.  With my luck, I found that all of the installations were brand new, so I didn’t think I had to worry about any kind of bath remodeling anytime soon.  As time moved on, I found that there was more happening than the usual wear and tear on our bathrooms.  Even with new equipment, I found that there were still some problems with the initial installation!  This just goes to show, whenever you hire a contractor to do some renovations on your bathroom, or anywhere else in the house for that matter, always pay attention to the details.

    Since we didn’t have a choice in the matter when it came to choosing a contractor, as it was done through the real estate company before we purchased the house, we took it into our own hands to find the best home building contractor in our local area.  Since we didn’t want to have any extra surprises come up during the renovations, or even after, we took our time in finding the right team for the job.  We talked to our local neighborhood group and got a decent amount of word of mouth info for local teams, and then we did a little bit of research on the internet.  Soon, we narrowed our search down to two contractors, and then weighed the pros and cons between the two teams.  The choice soon became clear, as one of the groups had a fair balance between cost and quality of labor.

    We made sure that the previous problem areas were covered and corrected.  Our previous installation had a few leaks in between the tub and and floor tiles, so there was a bit of mildew buildup.  Fortunately, with our new contractors, we were able to get the right kind of tub installed, and have the much needed grout and caulk put in place before everything was said and done.  There were no problems in the end, so we were extremely happy to have made a careful and wise decision concerning our new bath equipment.  With these new installations, we will be able to future proof our home from any other kinds of upgrades, which will save us money for years to come.  In addition to saving money from not having to do any further renovations, we are also saving plenty of our money on our water bill, as many of our new additions to our bathrooms are eco-friendly and water efficient!  The lesson here seems to be:  Make sure you’re getting the proper bathroom and home remodeling upgrades, and that the job is done well!

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