Small Kitchen Remodelling Tips

Small Kitchen Remodeling is quite a task because of your limited space, storage problems, pantry space, and any space for built-ins like microwaves, ovens, dishwashers, and sinks. Even though you really have to be really limited about your remodeling ideas, there are advancements in kitchen technology and products that used to take up much space before are now offered in compact sizes for the convenience of small kitchens.

The first tip in making a blueprint(grid paper is best) to sketch out your remodeling ideas is to measure your kitchens dimensions, and write that down. Next draw out a “birds eye view” blueprint of your kitchen in pen, make sure to include bolder areas for things like windows and doors so you wont plan to place things in front of it. Once you have your small kitchen remodeling blueprint, use pencil, and start drawing out your ideal remodeling ideas.

Once you are satisfied with the new small kitchen design, you have to start finding the actual products that will be placed in your blueprint. For example, say in your blueprint you drew an area for a new oven, you now have to find the right oven and note its dimensions. Now go back to your blueprint and begin adjusting the rough sketch spaces with the right dimensions of the objects, so you are clear about the limits of your small kitchen.

Now you have to just get all the information for the rest of your products that you added in the blueprint, adjust the dimensions accordingly in the blueprint, and once everything’s perfectly laid out, you can now purchase the products and will know exactly where to place them when the moving guys bring it in.

I hope these instructions have helped you start your process of remodeling your small kitchen. I recently remodeled my small kitchen, and it was a lot more convenient for me to make that blueprint and find products after.

With a small kitchen remodeling you are frequently in a fix. At one hand you worry about places to put things and on the other hand you want an open and wider looking kitchen. Sometimes you find your kitchen suffocating and confining. So while remodeling your kitchen for making it look wider yet stylish and useful, you need to keep in mind some issues.

The secrets of small Kitchen design are:

Sufficient storage space
Kind of appliances
Good lighting.
There are some tips and ideas to achieve them:

To capitalize on space include storage spaces in places that provides dual function. Such as, you may hang a wooden stand on the window that does not block light and can be used in displaying kitchen utensils.

Use soft and light colors to create a sense of larger space. While choosing the cabinets select the light colored ones.

While choosing light try accent or halogen lights that creates wider space. This also gives enhanced visual projection. Light fittings that are smaller and placed closer to the ceiling makes creates open and appealing atmosphere. Lighting under the counter also makes the space look bigger.

To ensure space in your kitchen do not make it crowed with unnecessary stuffs as they make it look more congested and stuffy.
Install a pantry cabinet that will provide you with a lot of additional space in your small kitchen. If you use such shelves place the frequently used things in the lower-level and infrequently used ones ion the upper level.

Revolving shelves or cupboards are a good option to create space.

Establishing somewhat deeper counter tops ensures a more open looking spot in the kitchen as they can house more pieces of kitchen equipments and enhances the quantity of workspace.

While choosing equipments go for those which are compact and saves space. But in case of sink buy as big as you can keep it big as you need something that is practical for cleaning large pots and pans to make cleaning up easy and comfortable.

A smaller carpet makes the common area in a kitchen look bigger.

Right furniture helps to maximizing your working area. Try to use the customized ones.

For the best storage solution put in a small island that offers both extra storage space and working space for you.

You can follow the galley style with your kitchen by lining up the cupboards hang on whichever part of the kitchen passageway and also on the walls. This allows you to take benefit of the inadequate space.

You can hang utensils from a stand chained at anyplace on the ceiling. This adds to the beauty of it and saves space.
Again go for those cabinets which have more doors and shelves.

So, while you are remodeling your kitchen try these ideas to make your small looking kitchen larger and more charming. For more ideas you can look into the books, magazines, interior design albums or log onto a good many sites dealing with small kitchen remodeling in the internet.

You can also look for the pictures in them so that you can have a previous idea about how your kitchen will look like after you get your refashioning done.

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