Repairing Roof Tiles Instead Of Replacing The Roof System

The roofing system on any home in nearly any location in Canada often takes a severe beating from snow, water, wind and intense heat. Often times, roof tile can become broken or cracked over its lifespan. Even though a new roof can be extremely expensive it is often an unnecessary step, when performing a simple minor repair will more than suffice. It is very easy for a roof tile to become damaged where the repair can be done at just a fraction of the cost of a total replacement.

Before ever calling out a contractor to repair roof tiles, consider an easy solution for avoiding leaks and repairing roof tiles on your own. It is important to note that roof tiles are extremely brittle, and cannot handle a tremendous amount of weight. However, for any individual of normal size and weight, the roof should easily accommodate you walking across them. Look for any signs of cracked or split tile. When located, take the next step.

Take along a caulking gun filled with clear roofing sealant. Apply an ample supply of the sealant directly underneath the cracked or damaged tile. Next, press the tile down until it firmly seats on the tile below. This will help minimize the potential of an additional crack, and help in its appearance from the road. Once completed, apply an ample amount of sealant along the top of the split or crack and then smooth it out using a small putty knife.

Tip: If you are replacing your baseboards, boards which are stained are more visually appealing than those which are painted. Furthermore, the look and feel of wood is perfectly suited to all types of decor and style.

Any clay tile that is cracked well beyond the ability to repair will need to be replaced. You will likely need to utilize a flat sided pry bar. Simply get underneath the tile in lift it up and out of place. If necessary use a hammer to remove the damaged tile by smashing it gently into broken pieces. Remove the debris to install a new tile.

Obtain tiles for the roof along with the tile clip. They should be available at the local hardware store or home improvement center. If not, seek out the materials needed at a roofing contracting company.

You will next need to place the tile clip in its location and attach it to the roof system. Next insert the new clay tile. Use the pry bar to lift the tile above to slide the new tile into place, making sure it locks in firmly.

Tip: Dusting and preventing dust buildup is importnat. Lots of dust can gather in a small period of time, causing allergens to accumulate.

A clay tile is designed to last for generations when properly maintained. By taking the time to thoroughly evaluate the system at least once every year, you can replace or repair any split or crack tile to help increase the longevity of the roof system. When evaluating the roofing system, be sure to look at the roof ridge, valleys and any hips to ensure that every component of the roofing system is operating as designed.

At the first sign of any damage, split or crack it is important to get up on the roof and repair it quickly. This will ensure that the longevity of the roof will last for the many decades as it was designed.

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