Reliable Home Renovation Company

One of the things I love about being a homeowner is having the freedom to do whatever I want to my home with nobody’s permission.  I always felt stifled when I rented a home because I’d want to undertake major DIY renovation projects, but was not able to because they were rental properties.  Now that I own my own home, I am constantly mixing it up and changing things around. I’ll paint a new wall in a room, change around the lighting fixtures, put in new window coverings, I even went as far once to try to knock down a wall on my own to open up my bedroom more.  This project did not go well and I needed to enlist the help of a home renovation company to complete the job and clean up my mess.

I was not excited about the idea of hiring a company to come in to help me renovate my home, since it is always something I had done on my own.  You see, I am an artist, and my home has become something of an art project.  My friends are always in awe at the way my home changes during different times of the year, or just because I decide to paint a new mural on a whim.  Letting someone else into my home to help with a renovation was a big deal! However, after meeting with the team who would be helping me expand my bedroom, I immediately changed my mind. The team of people who were tasked to help me with my project were creative and immediately saw what it was I was trying to do.  I worked with them to make sure they met all of my needs, and in the end, they did a perfect job.

This experience really got me thinking.  What other types of renovations could V & S Handyman Renovations help me with?  For example, I always envisioned opening up my kitchen and installing an island in the middle.  I also always imagined one day renovating my bathroom and turning it into a very calming sanctuary where I could take hot baths and maybe even perhaps relax in a sauna.  I began my research to learn what these projects would require.  I learned that with a little help from V & S Handyman Renovations, I could not only do these projects quickly, but afford them.  Since I was pretty handy, I would be able to do pieces of this on my own (for example, I could lay my own tile in both the kitchen and the bathroom- I also know how to install my own lighting fixtures, and obviously, painting is something which I do often.)  I went back to and remodeling with my ideas and they were excited to help!  We decided to first tackle the kitchen, because the bathroom would be more expensive and I decided to put it off for awhile.  After working with them, my kitchen remodel looks great! I am so pleased I found a reliable home renovation company to help me with my projects.

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