How To Use Feng Shui In Your Home

Many people want to remove stress from their lives, as the modern world can be very hectic and cause anxiety.

One of the best ways to give yourself more peace of mind is by changing a few things around in your home. You can learn the basics of feng shui for your home by reading this article.

  • Clear Out The Clutter
  • Focus On Air Flow
  • Add Plants
  • Add Light
  • Remove Walls And Barriers
  • Bright Colors
  • Library Of Books
  • Fix Broken Objects
  • Position Bed Position Properly

There are many ways and methods that can be used to improve the appearance and the vitality of your home. This article is going to cover the basics of how you can feng shui your home, without spending a great deal of money in the process. If you follow the advice, you will find that the energy which flows through your home is noticeably more free and dynamic. This has consequences on your metal state and you will feel happier as a result.

Clear out the clutter – the first thing that you need to do is to remove all the clutter and junk from your home. This is an easy step to make but it can take time. You need to go through everything in your home and decide what is not important to you. If you are not in love with something in your home, then remove it. It does not need to be there, and it is stopping the flow of energy in the home.

Just removing junk from your home can be a therapeutic process and you will feel immediately better. You will get the sense that a weight has been lifted from your shoulders when you have removed this un-needed stuff from your home. Remember to go through each room and do the same process.

Focus on air flow – feng shui revolves around energy and air flow is very important to this process. One simple way to improve the flow of air is to open more windows and doors on a daily basis. This is also great for your health as it removes the stale air from the home. You can also think about using an air purifier in your home.

Add plants – other suggestions include adding plants to your home, as these will help to remove the carbon dioxide from the air. They will also provide your home with a more natural feel.

Add light – adding light to your rooms is very important, as this helps the energy to flow. It also gives more life to the rooms and will help you to feel happier as a result. You should aim to add natural light wherever possible, but artificial light is a good substitute. A skylight is a great addition to a room as you can gain the natural sunlight during the day time.

Remove walls and barriers – many people have lots of man made barriers in their home which stop the flow of energy and air. If you have large items of furniture then find other locations for them. There are always ways to arrange your items to increase the space and the flow of energy. If you have walls that could be removed to create a more open-plan living space, then you should do that also.

Bright colors – bright colors add life to the room, so you need to have areas of bright color throughout your home. These will help to energize the space. Yellow is one color associated with health and and good physical well being, so it makes sense to paint your wall this color, in an area which you use to exercise.

A family room should contain plants as green is the color for family unity and strong unit. Colors are very important so you should investigate this more if you are interested.

Books – you need to have books on display as the learning energy will help to stimulate growth in this area of life. A home that has an emphasis on learning will be a happy home.

Fix broken objects – this will help to remove extra stress from your home. It will ease the stress and the pain that you feel in life if everything in your home is working smoothly. A front door that works properly, without squeaking, is also very important in feng shui.

Your bed position – the way that your bed is arranged is very important. Your bed should be the primary object in the room and take up the main location. It should be as far away from the door as possible, but you should still be able to see anyone approaching. This will let your energy be strong and commanding. It will also help you to be calmer in life.

Use the tips above to improve the feng shui in your home. You will find that the small changes have a major impact on your life and your happiness.

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