Contractor and Contract-tee: Home Remodelling Basics

There are a few key words to describe the folks over at Landis Construction: Trustworthy, experienced, integrity, honesty. I chose these words off the top of my head because when I look back at my experience with them that is what I think of. When I look up at the new roof they installed for us, the words: excellence, beauty and craftsmanship come to mind. I enjoyed the experience so much that I decided to come online to write a quick note to you folks out there in internet-land so you can help me spread the good word about this incredible residential home contracting company.

We were given the name of Landis Construction from a friend who had recently used their services. They came extremely highly recommended so needless to say with that type of hype we put undue pressure on them to perform at a high level. We tried to vamp down our expectations from them because of the reason we called them (hail damage) and how difficult it can be to properly fix. I think our expectations would have otherwise been low if it hadn’t been for the screaming endorsement from our friend and that is because we have had some pretty sub-par experiences with roofers so far.

Home Remodeling

What my wife and I found to be the real difference maker with this home remodeling company was their attention to detail and their high level of customer service. We know from experience that fixing or repairing a damaged roof is a real team effort that involves precise coordination, a lot of experience (to do the job right the first time, anyway) and the ability to listen to your client needs. Our last experience was negative because the roofing contractor we hired was always keeping us in the dark about the specific times for material delivery, rip up and tear down times etc. Also, they rarely started on time and when they missed the target it was often because they decided to start early, which woke up everyone in the house and indeed the neighborhood.

Landis Construction takes a customer service first approach to remodeling their homes by doing something simple: focusing on the customer. They realize that in order to remain one of Denver’s most popular and trusted names in roofing they have to make you, the customer, happy. Anyone can get up there and slap some hot tar down and use a nail gun to adhere asphalt shingles to it, but only companies like Landis Construction can keep their word about installation times, dates and hours. They pride themselves on being trustworthy, forthright, honest and open about everything you see. Their consultants will meet with you to discuss the plan for installation and everything will be covered in this meeting including which tiles you will be using (they will actually bring samples to your home if needed) and the price as well. When you settle on a date and time for installation it might as well be written in stone because they always stick to their word.

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