Basement Remodelling Can Add Value To Your Home.

Growing up as an only child meant that I often had to come up with my own fun.  It was an interesting experience and one in which I often was by myself when all of this stuff occurred.  It was okay and I don’t think that I turned out too weird or anything like that.  My parents certainly helped me out and we often had a ping pong game or a fussball game going on in our unfinished basement.  It was great and I really enjoyed being able to bring my friends and my cousin down there to hang out for a little bit.  The best part of having an unfinished basement was that it did not matter what was going on.  I could always go down there and do whatever I wanted.  The fun part for me was being able to write on the walls and whatnot.  This all changed when my parents decided to do some home improvements.

Home improvements were a great way for my family and I to bring together some ideas to improve the state of our home.  I appreciate the fact that much of what we were able to do together turned out to look fantastic.  It is not often that you can make some smile changes in the home and have them look so good.  We decided that we were going to focus on a couple of big projects.  We were going to install a sunlight in our kitchen, letting in more natural light so that we did not have to tun on the lights as often, and put some tile in the kitchen and the dining room.  We also decided that a great move for us and the value of our home would be to remodel the basement. It is not often that you can significantly add value to your home, but for us doing our basement, I think that it did just that.  It allowed for us to put in carpet and make it a nice and fun area.  I appreciate the fact that I was able to have such a big say in the process and feel that I was able to have a significant ability to make decisions.  That is not always that case for individuals that have that say at such a young age.  It was great that my parents could empower me to such an extent that I was able to make these decisions.

Home remodeling has gotten quite a bit of attention recently and for good reason.  It makes your house look better and you feel more comfortable in the area.  My favorite part about this is the fact that much of our value of our homes are in the fine details.  I think about the fact that my apartment now has more windows and hardwood floors and that makes up much of the value of the home.  It would be totally different if my house had carpets and fewer windows from which to look out of on to 14th street.

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