Low-Cost Bathroom Remodelling

All over Canada there are people who are unhappy with the appearance of their bathrooms, but the cost and down-time for a standard remodeling job prevents most from making a change.

Individuals looking for a highly profitable opportunity are turning to Surface Specialists, because they offer an inexpensive solution that enables people to remodel a bathroom in only a day.

“There`s no shortage of anxious prospects who want to change the look of their old bathroom.

Most of them do not want to spend what it costs to rip everything out and rebuild from scratch, which usually takes quite a while to complete. The inconvenience is a major factor for families who have to deal with a non-functioning bathroom for a week.

“Surface Specialists solves those problems better than any other solution, and our franchisees can benefit greatly with this highly profitable opportunity,” Dan Kaplan, president of Surface Specialists. “We keep our costs to the consumer very low, and the profits for our franchise owners high.”

Instead of ripping out old tubs, sinks, and counter tops the inexpensive solution is to apply a new surface right over the old one. The refinishing job is not only less costly, it is much faster. An entire bathroom can be made new in a single day, with little or no inconvenience to the family.

The opportunity is not new. There are over 40 franchises in operation, but there is room for many more in locations all around the country.

“Our low-cost franchise opportunity will enable you to have a better chance of success than starting a business on your own. You can keep overhead down by working from your house or garage. We provide complete training, and follow that up with ongoing help and support,” said Kaplan.

Standard remodeling services cost more and take longer than the specialized methods of Surface Specialists, which gives the company a significant edge in every new market where a franchise is opened.

“We teach all our franchisees the simple philosophy that has made our business so successful,” said Kaplan. “Provide quality bathroom repair and refinishing products and services in a prompt, professional manner.”

The approach has been the key to success in every city the company has entered. Customers are thrilled with the new look of their bathroom, and with how fast the work can be done. New franchisees quickly learn that their best advertisement is their happy customers who love to show off their new bathrooms.

“In today`s economy we are the perfect alternative to a full remodel job. In fact, we have now expanded to add additional services for other parts of the house as well,” said Kaplan.

Surface Specialists also offers repairs of many services instead of expensive replacement. Kitchen counter top refinishing, glass window scratch repair, vinyl window repair, whirlpool system repairs, jetting of existing tubs, and other surface repairs.

Unlike most franchise opportunities, Surface Specialists franchisees work directly with the owner and receive personalized assistance not found elsewhere.

“We are looking for qualified, motivated and committed individuals who will build the value of the Surface Specialists name, follow our proven operating system and use our ongoing support to dominate local markets and get the word out to the nation that there are better and lower cost alternatives to complete remodeling,” said Kaplan.

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