Tips For Closet Shelves And Benches

While they are often overlooked in favor of ottomans, armchairs and sofas, benches are important and deserve more attention than they receive. These versatile units serve as style accents to any room and can also act as very convenient seating or storage surfaces. Closet benches come in numerous styles to satisfy multiple decorating and functional uses. When buying your bench, there are certain factors you need to take into consideration so as to ensure that your purchase is not only stylish but also quite functional.

One of the first things you need to clarify is how you are going to use the bench. They can be used as either seating or storage units. Benches with cubbies, drawers and shelves are quite stylish and are ideal storage solutions for magazines, DVDs and books. If you are using the unit for seating as you watch movies, then adequate upholstering and cushioning is vital as this is bound to keep you comfortable for long stretches. On the other hand, if the bench will be rarely used, then it may not require as much padding but demand more elegance and style. Deciding on the use of the bench will therefore help you get the most appropriate bench for the purpose. For an accent piece, you are better of choosing a sleek storage bench design with minimal storage space but if storage is your goal, then you should opt for a piece with a large single compartment, multiple cubbies, hooks, drawers or additional shelving.

Once you have decided on the use of the piece, you should go ahead and measure the length and the width of the space where you want to place the piece. Using the measurements, you can now confidently start shopping for a unit that satisfies your needs and fits the requirements. If you want to display items on the unit then choose open cubbies because they are easy to access. If you are keen on concealing items when not in use then opt for a covered unit. To increase your storage capacity, you can also add some hooks or overhead shelving, depending on the construction style of the unit in question.  

Because they can also double up as storage and shelving units, getting the correct bench can significantly help you save on available floor space. Generally, the two main storage bench options available in the market are the exposed face and the chest style. One of the best ways of deciding on the best storage bench is to keenly consider a spot that’s cluttered and then find benches that will assist you in organizing it. Chest benches usually have a hinged top which is usually padded, allowing the unit to double up as an ottoman as well. These units are great for hiding extra blankets, bed sheets or pillows. The cubby and shelf benches usually have open sides which can hold magazines, DVDs and books.

When it comes to construction, these benches are made from a variety of materials such as synthetic resins, composite wood as well as solid wood. Composite materials are less expensive but are more prone to wear and tear. Wood does provide durability for functional benches as well as an elegant and stylish look for accent or décor pieces. Synthetic resins on the other hand are quite stylish as well but are not very durable and are therefore more ideal for use in accent pieces. It is also worth mentioning that accent materials such as wicker baskets and metal hardware are also some attractive ways to add some visual interest to the bench.

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