Some Replacement Closet Door Options

There are very many different products and options to choose from and consider when updating, building or remodeling your closet and in need of a door. Where to get started on making a decision with these many choices can be quite challenging to many people, to say the least. Here are some factors you need to take into consideration.

The whole feeling of your closet can change based on the doors you choose. You can open up the sense of space within the room with maybe opting for a mirror door or even decide to add some natural light to the room with French doors. Sliding or bypass doors usually have two or more segments which can slide past each other, these are as a matter of fact specially designed to be used in closets even though they can also be used to divide rooms.

Bifold doors are often used to cover a broad space where the swing of a straight door would otherwise be too wide. They usually combine the actions of both slider and hinged doors. Due to space savings, you can also opt for a pocket door for your closet. This is basically a sliding door that disappears into the wall when not in use. These doors are also desirable for smaller areas, due to the significant space savings.

You want to choose a sturdy and durable door that not only closes and opens but adds style and also complements the room where the door has been fitted. A good door does provide some level of privacy for you and your family, significantly reduce external noise levels as well as provide you with easy access to closets and other storage spots you may have at home. A good door should also improve the functionality of the room in question; it should secure the room and make it easy to access and use the room when and if required.

Doors can be purchased as either slab or pre-hung units. Put simply, pre-hung doors typically include the fame and the jamb. They are easy to install and tend to offer a uniformed appearance to the look of the space. On the other hand, slab doors are just the door itself. Even though this is usually an economical option since it allows you to use the existing trim and jamb, it does demand that you get your measurements spot on and accurate. Raised panel doors usually feature frame with horizontal and vertical sections which also add some detail and style to the closet door.

If the room is a low traffic spot, then you are better off choosing a door that has a hollow core. These doors are lightweight, affordable and come in a variety of colors and finishes. If the room is a high traffic area which is also bound to be noisy then you should opt for a solid core unit. Get a door that’s made or fiber core or particleboard materials. These materials not only provide additional weight, but also help in reducing the noise levels.

The most important part though in having a new door is to ensure that it is installed properly. Make sure you know and understand which way you want your door to swing or slide, make sure there is adequate space and if you need to get measurements and you are not so sure, it is highly recommended that you engage the services of a professional to help you get accurate and correct measurements. Make sure you measure the door at the bottom, middle and top. Keep in mind that there are standard widths such as 36”, 32”, 30”, 28”, 24”, 20” and 18” with standard heights such as 96”, 84” and 80”.

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