Important Tips To Install Closet Doors

Exact measurements and proper fitting of sliding door tracks is paramount if you are keen on having long periods of trouble-free sliding storage space in your closet. Generally, the tracks are fitted so as to let the fitted door bypass each other smoothly. In most instances, the doors are usually carried by some wheeled bottom rollers. Each door is typically kept firmly in place bysome nylon top guides; this ensures that the weight of the sliding door is evenly distributed over the bottom or lower sliding track. These track systems are usually available in either aluminum or steel. Here are some simple steps on how to install closet door tracks.

The first thing you need to do is to cut the bottom and top sliding panel track. This is important because all tracks are usually sold slightly longer than what would otherwise be required and you therefore have to cut them to size so as ensure it snugly fits. You should carefully measure the entire width of the space where you want to fit the track. After getting this measurement, deduct 3 mm and then mark this visibly on the track. Using a fine toothed metal saw, start cutting the track at the marked point. Repeat the same step for any other track. To make the cutting much easier, you can insert some wood blocks (38 mm or less thick) so as to avoid instances of deflection during the cutting process.

Before you install the already cut tracks, make use of a detector to ensure that there is no wiring running at the point where you want to fix the screws. Using a screw driver, slowly install the top track and ensure the shadow line is facing outwards, this will ensure that you hide any small ceiling irregularities which may arise. When you are tightening the screws, make sure you don’t apply excessive force as this may force the track to warp and make it impossible to slide the door through.

For the bottom tracks, ensure that you are fitting them on a surface that’s solid, if necessary; you can even use some floor liners. Once you have confirmed this, slowly place the track on the floor, you should offset it at about 27 mm inwards from the door. Don’t fix the unit at this point in time. Using a screwdriver, slowly turn the bolt in the wheel to its bare minimum. You should then go ahead and snugly insert the door leaf in the track (top), take your time and make sure none of the bottom rollers are damaged. Again, very slowly, make sure that the door leaf and the bottom end of the door are aligned with the bottom track and then lower its leaf and allow the rollers to snap snugly into the tracks.

Using a level, ensure that the door is plumb. Once this is confirmed, make sure the bottom track is aligned as well and then confirm that the door is traveling smoothly along the entire width. Make any necessary changes if the door is not traveling smoothly. Once you have succeeded in aligning the bottom track, you can proceed to now screw the track to the base. Make sure you don’t use too much force as well when you are tightening the screws as this may lead to instances of warping.

As with any other project which you may be undertaking, unless you are very confident about your technical abilities, it is always recommended that you seek the services of professionals who are adept at such installations. Irrespective of whether you decide to do the installation yourself or to engage the services of a professional installer, here are some of the popular closet door tracks readily available in the market.

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