Ideas For Closet Floors

Even though you might not give the floor in your closet a second thought, it is without doubt one of the most important spaces in your home. The right flooring is very important, especially so if you have a walk in closet where you will most likely spend some time standing bare feet as you look for what to wear or simply admiring your collection. The right choice of flooring makes the closet as well as your clothes easy to clean, find and maintain.

Generally, if the closet is opening into a hallway or bedroom, it is recommended that you run the flooring from that room into the closet. Many people prefer this option since it does help them to successfully tie the closet into the overall style of the main room. Extending the floor does eliminate any need for a transition at the closet door, making the entire place look seamless and unified.

A good closet floor should not only be attractive and comfortable, it should also be easy to maintain. In this regard, even though a carpet is bound to add some warmth, it is quite difficult to keep clean and vacuum the carpet. On the other hand, even though stone is easy to maintain and durable, if you live in cooler climates then the floor is bound to be unnecessarily cold for slightly more than half the year and therefore a balance needs to be struck.

Unlike the bathroom or kitchen, a closet is typically not a high moisture area and therefore the worry about installing flooring that’s moisture resistant doesn’t necessarily arise. On the same line, the closet isn’t a high traffic spot and so the flooring doesn’t really have to be the most durable flooring in the market. One should therefore try and balance out between the need to have a floor that’s functional and serves the purpose and the need to be within your remodeling budget and still maintain a unified look.

It is worth mentioning though that because most closets are closed spaces with very little if any ventilation, mold can still grow in such spaces. This is especially more pronounced if you live in a humid area. You should also keep in mind that even with enough lighting, closets still tend to be dark and because of the clothes, light rarely reaches the floor. Due to this fact, keeping the corners in particular and the floor in general sparkling clean is very difficult and special attention should always be paid to these areas.

In the event that you opt to transition to a different floor covering in your closet, then always opt for material that easy to install. Luxury vinyl tiles and laminate are ideal for this purpose since they just snap together and are also very easy to maintain. Luxury vinyl tiles come in light colors which significantly brighten the space, making it easy for you to locate items. Laminate boards usually come finished with a durable, smooth coating that will only require occasional vacuuming and wipe down.

For those with a large walk in closet that allows for some significant movement, then you can opt for cork flooring which is more luxurious than vinyl or laminate. It is an interesting option since it does have some good texture that makes walking very comfortable. It is also easy to install since it comes in snap together planks. Even though it is quite pricy, closets are usually not so large and therefore the price difference can be accommodated. One of the main disadvantages of the flooring though is that the holes and the pits that naturally occur in cork make it a very difficult material to keep clean.

Alternatively, you can also opt for ceramic tile with a throw rug which can easily be taken out and cleaned. Ceramic tiles also come in different shapes, patterns and colors which can all be used to complement the overall look of the home. Wood floors are also ideal for closet floors even though they may be quite expensive as well. Cedar floors in particular have been known to make closets smell fresh and repel bugs and moths in equal measure. They are also easy to install as the tongue and groove cedar planks fit in quite easily. Irrespective of the closet flooring ideas you may have in mind, it is important to remember that pattern and color can significantly help improve visibility and this could be crucial if the closet is small and has limited lighting.

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