How To Turn A Nearby Kitchen Closet Into A Pantry

A spacious kitchen pantry can provide some additional storage to free up space in your kitchen cabinets. Even though you may think that the only way of getting a pantry is to build one from scratch, there are other viable options which you can take up and create a pantry room at home. For one, if you have a closet that’s located close to your kitchen, you can easily convert it into a pantry that’s functional and efficient. Here is a brief look at how to convert a closet into a pantry.

The first thing you need to do is to thoroughly inspect the closet for any structural damage or infestation. The main reason why it should be near your kitchen is because most pantry items are utensils, dishes, food and cookware which are used in the kitchen. Make sure the room doesn’t share a wall with a room that holds a lot of electronics or computers or laundry room. That may contribute to overheating the pantry and spoiling any food stored inside the pantry. Clear the closet and remove all contents therein, apply some drywall compound with a putty knife to any holes that might have been created when removing hardware items from the closet. Once the drywall is dry, you can lightly sand it using some 180 grit sandpaper.

You should start by installing a suitable door. Avoid using a door that swings inward since it is going to take up too much space in your pantry and make it difficult for you to get anything that’s stored behind the door. A pocket or sliding door will do just fine. Alternatively, you can use the closet door that’s already in place since most closets tend to have a door that swings outwards towards the kitchen.

You should then proceed and put in some lighting. In the event that the closet has some overhead light that can provide enough illumination then you can leave it as it is. If you require better lighting, then you should engage the services of an electrician to set up the required wiring. Good lighting is paramount for the pantry as it will enable you to see everything; this is especially pronounced if the pantry is deep. When installing your lights, make sure they can be turned on by a string or switch that hangs from an overhead light.

Once you are through with the lighting, you need to get some shelving. Measure the depth, width and height of the pantry and use these measurements to estimate how many shelves you will need. To make your organization efficient and easy, look for thick solid shelves. Make sure you vary the space between shelves since you are bound to store boxes and cans of different sizes. You can also opt to install some wire shelving if you desire. It is always important to take into consideration the ease of access, even though deep pantry shelves tend to allow you to store more canned goods, reaching these items may be very difficult, thereby negating why you even have them stored there in the first place. Remember that you can always adjust the shelves at any time if the needs of your kitchen change.

You should feel free to be more creative with the available space. You can add more detail to the place and put up some racks to hold your spices on the walls, you can also put in some decorative elements that make the pantry room look inviting and custom designed. To ensure that the spot is efficient, you can also put some outlets in the wall to plug in some appliances. You can also throw in some color to make the place look lively and stylish, there is nothing wrong with having a good looking, well planned and easy to access pantry.

Once you have fitted the shelves, lighting and door, it is now time to fill your kitchen pantry with your food items. Make a point of placing items that you rarely use farthest from the door and those that are frequently used nearest to the door. You should fight off the temptation of piling items on top of each other, however small or large the items may be. Always make a point of ensuring everything is placed on the shelf. You should always keep a step stool in the converted closet to help your reach items which may be placed slightly higher; the stool should be wide and stable. It is also advisable to always store heavy items on the bottom shelves to avoid instances of injury in the event that an item falls.

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