How To Convert A Closet Space Into A Home Office

A closet usually comes with lots of storage features which can easily be turned into a desktop organization. In this regard, many homeowners find it easy to turn their closets into an enclosed or open work area by simply re-arranging its features and adding a chair or desk to the changed spot. Here are some interesting tips on how to turn your closet into a home office. 

The first thing that you need to do is to clear the closet of all its contents and transfer the storage elsewhere. If it was empty then you have to thoroughly clean it and ensure that there is no infestation, vacuum the floors, clean the shelves and walls with some soapy water and some sponge. You should then start taking the measurements of the closet. Decide on whether you want some shelving to remain or not, remove any shelving you may not require. Measure the depth of the closet as this will have an impact on the size of chair and desk as well as the sizes of any other office furniture you may wish to purchase. Closets are usually categorized as either shallow or deep. It is always recommended that you choose a closet that is slightly deeper than a hanger’s width, if it is deeper than that then the chair and desk may not go too far into the room. 

You should then proceed to come up with an electrical support plan for the office. Identify the number of electrical appliances you will need to plug in and then buy a surge protector or power strip. If you have lots of electrical appliances such as a scanner, printer, overhead light, computer etc, then you are better off hiring an electrician to do the wiring and offer you safer power sources. On the other hand, if you have very few devices then you can simply extend an extension cord from a plug that’s nearby. Just make sure you clip the cords to the bottom of the wall so that nobody trips on them.

Due to space constraints, it is always advisable to remove the closet door, this though may not be necessary if you have a walk-in closet. Even though removing the door is bound to provide you with more space, it does leave the office exposed. To deal with this, you can buy a collapsible screen or divider which can be used to separate the office from other parts of the home or alternatively, you can look for a colorful curtain which can be placed in front of the office when you are not using it. 

As earlier mentioned, when choosing a desk, take into consideration the depth of the closet. For small closets, you can get a Murphy desk which drops down and can be folded up when not in use. If space is not a major constraint then you can get a desk that not only fits the space but also complements your office. For such an office, it is recommended that you go for classic styles with lots of drawers as well plank desks which can fit lots of electronic devices. 

Most closet spaces don’t get the benefit of natural light. This does imply that you need to create your own lighting. For the best results, always opt for an overhead light. You can install a small chandelier, a pendant light, a touch light or simply expand the current lighting with a stylish fixture. When looking for a chair, get one that’s ergonomic and comfortable. Get the measurements of your desk before you purchase your chair so that it fits well, whenever possible; buy both at the same time. For home offices, many people avoid desk chairs because the casters usually stick out and because of the space constraint, this leads to frequent tripping. You can opt for a comfortable chair with a cushion or even add a pillow on the unit for lumbar support. 

Finally, always remember to show your personality in the office by decorating it accordingly. Choose some accent colors and make the desk reflect your personality. If you have shelves, make sure they are painted and well finished. You should also ensure that you buy coordinated office supplies so as to complement the overall look of the office. That said; don’t clutter your office or desk with lots of unnecessary things. Keep the office organized by only having necessities.

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