Closet Shoe Rack Organizer Tips

No matter how big your closet is or even how sparse your collection of shoes is, chances are that your pairs still end up scattered all over the place. Even though storing shoes can be a tedious and boring exercise; implementing some simple tips can have a significant positive effect on how you store your shoes. Here are some closet shoe organizer ideas worth trying out.

One of the simplest ways of keeping your shoes looking neat and tidy is to build what’s known as a toe hold. This is a simple shelf like unit that’s easy to build; all you require are three supplies, these are some screws, brackets and boards. You simply install some boards on the wall. Just make sure that the boards are close enough so that they can firmly hold the toe of the shoe without distorting the shape of your shoe or allowing them to fall off.

Another simple idea does involve the use of hangars to hold your shoes. Get some dry cleaners wire hangers, the type that has a white cardboard tube. You simply remove the cardboard tube then bend both ends of the hanger upwards to form a hook or u-shape. You then get some strong strings or yarns which are firmly held along a wall or door using some nails or tacks and the u-shaped wire hangers. Alternatively, you can use the nails or tacks to fasten the hangers to the back of your closet door. You can then proceed to use the hangers which are hanged on the springs to suspend your shoes; each hanger can comfortably hold a pair of strappy sandals or any other shoe for that matter.

Another simple tip would be to use a clean shipping pallet. It is important to mention though that you need to be very careful when choosing a shipping pallet, make sure you get a unit that is without chemicals or mold and without termites as well. To give the unit a perfect look and feel, you should stain and paint the pallet as appropriate. You simply stick your shoes on the steps and you are ready to go. One of the main advantages of shipping pallets is that they are not permanent and you can therefore move them from one spot to the other as the situation may demand.

If you have some wine crates then you can as well put them to good use. You simply paint your crates to the color of your choice and then use some screws to suspend the crates on your closet walls or any other wall and use them to store your shoes. To create more space for your shoes, you can go ahead and divide the crate into two or even three by creating shelves using a strong board. When using crates, make sure you make them as colorful as possible, desist from using them in dull and bland colors or in their natural look.

If you are into a more a modern look, then you can opt for a shallow depth cabinet. Measure the available space and get a cabinet that’s of the appropriate size. To give the unit an inconspicuous or understated look, you should get a cabinet with doors which can be easily closed. The top of the cabinet can also be used for keeping some artwork, decorative pieces or even a collection of perfumes. Make a point of getting a cabinet piece that’s well finished, painted or stained so as to successfully complement the overall décor of your home.

You can also opt to use tension rods to hang your shoes. If your closet is fairly narrow, you can use tension rods to create a shoe rack. Make sure you measure the width of your closet before you buy the tension rods, you don’t want to purchase rods that are either too short or too long for the purpose. Simply squeeze the rods into place at the height you want to hang your shoes. For your flat shoes you will have to place two parallel rods a few inches apart for the best fit. For your heels or other shoes you should stagger the front rods slightly lower than the rear rods. In conclusion, it is safe to state that with shoe storage, the ideas are as numerous as you can allow your mind to think.

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