Closet Remodelling And Makeover Tips

Your closet can look like a tiny room. But who says you can’t utilize that space to maximum effect? With some creativity, you can actually expand your closet and still make it look welcoming.

Here are some closet remodeling tips (master, walk in, bedroom, hallway, kitchen, basement, etc) to consider:

1) Utilize the vertical dimension properly

You should utilize the vertical space from the floor up to the ceiling of your closet. You can even add a third closet pole just in case your ceiling is too high – typically more than 9 feet high.

Look for less accessible spaces inside your closet and use them for storing off-season items. Also, if you realize that you’re able to utilize the space inside your closet effectively without the need to rotate your clothes, you can use the extra space to store hats, bags, shoes, and other sentimental items – perhaps from the dump basement.

2) Consider lighting up your closet space

For you to have a working closet that pleases you, you have to add lighting so you can see the content inside it.

You could utilize natural skylight or from the sun if your closet faces the window and the outdoor light is able to penetrate into the room. However, if you’re banking on this method, you should be aware of the fact that sunlight can cause fading on clothes.

But when natural light isn’t available, you need artificial light to compensate for the loss. Yet again, when installing the light elements into your closet, you have to remember to place them between you and the contents of your closet. Otherwise, you will create a shadow as a result of your body preventing the light from casting its rays fully into your closet.

Also, another element to consider is the heat level a bulb is going to produce inside a closet. If you use incandescent bulbs for instance, you will create very hot temperatures especially if the closet is tiny and enclosed with very little to no ventilation.

Therefore, it’s in your best interest to avoid such bulbs when giving your closet a makeover. But instead, you should use Fluorescent bulbs because they are gentle when it comes to producing heat, and will therefore not raise temperatures inside an enclosed space.

3) You should understand your wardrobe and habits as well

People who get the most out of their closets usually know how to use them to the best of their advantage. For instance, if you roll your socks, they’ll consume little space than if you bunched them.

If you’re considering ditto for shirts, do you hung them up or stuck them neatly into place? Also, think about how you dress and also how you’d love to get dresses once the closet has received the makeover. This is the only way to design space that will serve you conveniently.

Make sure you store the most common items at eye level. The ones you use less frequently should be stored below. Finally, the ones you hardly use should be stored high up the closet space.

Also, take note that most closets tend to have too much of hanging space than shelves or even drawer facilities.

If that’s the case with your closet, you could consider adding more shelves and drawers that matter. Look for the best woodworking pieces for doing that and have a plan on how you’ll add your shelves and drawers to the already existing ones without upsetting the order.

4) Pay attention to the kind of design you bring to your closet

The secret lies in the design of your closet. If you have a design that gives you the chance to see all content of your closet at once, you have a real deal here. On the other hand, if you can only see your underwear and a few pair of socks, it means something is terribly wrong and that you should correct the matter.

The more you make content available, the more likely you’ll have real choices when getting dressed up. For this reason, you can take advantage of the many accessories available in the market.

You can buy see-through wire bins, glass-fronted drawers, belt and tie racks or dividers. These accessories are specifically created for the typical closet. They give you easy access to whatever clothing or apparel you want from your closet. They also present an easy option for accessing content when you’re in a hurry, thus you’ll be able to keep your closet organized.

If you’re going to invest in shelves and drawers, make sure they are adjustable and movable inside the closet to give maximum versatility. And the good thing is that these accessories can be ordered online from the comfort of your living room. You don’t have to do all the hard shopping yourself.

5) The floor is very important

The floor of the closet area matters a lot to most people. But if you don’t see why you should pay attention to the floor, think about how you normally stand in front of your closet with bare feet every day.

You can avoid the cold floor by placing something like an underfoot carpet or mat to stand on while getting dressed up. Also, if you decide to place a special carpet inside your closet on the floor, keep in mind that it can present a difficult task to vacuum it. Therefore, for maximum clean-ability, ensure you pick something created with vinyl or wood.

6) Be aware of mold, mildew and other airborne breeders

If there is no sufficient flow of air inside your closet, it will automatically become a healthy breeding ground for mold and mildew. Sometimes insects will breed in these places too.

Luckily, there is something you could do about this concern. Use a bathroom fan with the ability to go on and off at certain time intervals. This will expel moist air from the closet even when the door is closed.

You could also use a small dehumidifier to keep your closet’s content from getting musty. This is really important especially if your closet is situated in the basement.


With those closet remodeling tips, you can keep yourself happy with a closet that’s easy to use any time of the day. Moreover, you will add a special curb appeal to your closet with these tips.

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