About Closet Dresser

A dresser is a piece of storage furniture that’s normally no more than thirty five (35) inches tall and can have side by side columns or just one stack of drawers. Typically, it has four or five drawers in a stack. In most instances, the unit is fitted with a mirror which can be placed on the wall above the unit or be attached to the dresser itself. A dresser not only holds your clothes but does also go a long way in enhancing your closet décor. Before you commit to buy one, there are several key factors you need to take into consideration first.

Obviously you want a piece that’s looks nice, does match or meld with other pieces in the room and snugly fits into the space that’s been created for it. But beyond its general looks, a good piece or unit should be durable and well made. After all, you are bound to open and close the door more times than you even close and open your home doors, it is therefore very important to choose wisely.

One of the key things you need to do is to measure the available space. If the unit is going to sit below a window, then pay close attention to the height since you don’t want to expose yourself as you use the dresser. If it has a built in mirror, you should also ensure that the mirror doesn’t cover any window as this will negate the purpose of the window. You should also check the swing of your closet and bedroom door so as to ensure that you have enough space in a corner or nook for ease of movement.

The quality of wood used as well as the finish is also very important. Confirm the type of wood used and try to find out whether the wood was kiln-dried or not. A dresser that’s been made of hardwood such as walnut or oak is bound to resist dings better when compared against one made from other relatively soft wood like pine. Wood that’s kiln dried is usually aged to be hardy and strong. If the unit is made of particleboard, then keep in mind that there are different strengths, the best particleboard is one that consists of pressed chips of tiny wood. To know this, simply knock the dresser from the sides using your knuckles and listen for a solid, deep sound which indicates a hard material. The finish should include the sides of the drawer as well and not just the front. The finish on top of the dresser where you are bound to place scratchy items such as keys, phones and watches should also be sealed and protected.

It is also important to check on the hardware that’s installed on the dresser. This usually includes pulls and knobs. These should be attractive and securely attached to the unit. The drawer guides or glides should also be checked so as to ensure that they are functioning as required; they should easily slide without getting derailed or stuck. Whenever possible, go for a unit that has a soft close mechanism. It is also important to check if the unit has drawer stops which prevent the unit going all the way to the dresser as this may cause the unit to tilt or tip forward.

Lastly, it is important to check the capacity of the dresser, check the unit against what you want to store. Women prefer shallow lingerie size drawers while men will require drawers that are relatively deep for their sweaters and shirts. Here are some of the popular closet dressers readily available in the market. 

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