Home Remodelling Tips

Kitchen Remodels. Arguably the room you will spend the most time in, other than your family room, is your kitchen. Let’s face it though over time kitchens become obsolete and need updating, appliances need replacing and floors wear out. In this category you will find tips that will help you out with the remodelling of your kitchen. Be warned though this is not a do-it-yourself project for the faint of heart, because the time required to do it on your own is sometimes prohibitive, especially when you’re juggling a job and kids.

Bathroom Remodels. Bathrooms are another one of those rooms that can be a real discouragement for the do-it-yourselfer. This is mainly because of outside of replacing the occasional toilet most of the other work is backbreaking and time-consuming. Sooner or later replacing things like bathtubs, sinks and vinyl flooring are all things that will eventually pop up on your to do list. You can see our helpful tips in this category.

Window Replacements. Your windows allow you to look out into your world or in most cases your neighbourhood, cul-de-sac and even that spectacular view that you paid extra for. In addition when installed correctly they help keep your home draft free and protect your furniture and carpets from harmful UV rays. When the opposite happens and your windows and no longer functioning correctly you get heat leakage, drafts and yes the UV rays once again. Check out the tips in this category here.

Roof Replacements. When the rain is pouring down and the wind is blowing you begin to understand just how important a good roof is to your home. With all the rain and cold temperatures during the winter a low quality roof can quickly succumb to large quantities of moss and other deficiencies. This is one area that we definitely suggest that the do-it-yourselfer stay away from because no one wants their husband, wife or adult child tumbling off a roof trying to replace it. Definitely leave this to the professionals. Click here to see more.

Deck Construction. Every year thousands of decks are constructed throughout the United States by do-it-yourselfers. Decks are also very eminently doable by the weekend warrior as long as they understand the factors that go into a great deck. Here in the Pacific Northwest where we are located we have two large items to factor in and they are the weather and the materials that we use to construct the deck. See more here.

Home Painting. Yes there is nothing that makes a house look more brand-new than a fresh coat of paint, but what goes into a good paint job. Well it’s just a little more than buying some paint and slopping it on. There’s pressure washing, scraping old paint, caulking and then painting. Miss one or two of these steps and you’ll just be repeating the job again in the very near future. See home painting tips here.

Complete Home Remodel. There are few projects, short of a full home construction, that pose the challenges that a full home remodel do. A full home remodel is a common occurrence when a home was purchased as a foreclosure and is in need of such radical repair. These repairs can range from plumbing to drywall and even electrical work. If you have purchased a home like this for yourself and your wife you might want to consider getting the help of a professional for the remodel, just to keep harmony around the home. See some of those home remodel tips here.

Siding Installation. Siding installation is at the very best labor intensive project. This project can include stripping off the old siding , prepping the surface below and then re-adding your new siding. You’ll also be confronted with decisions to make on what type of materials you will want to use such as T-111 siding.

Aging In Place. Aging in place may be a new term to most folks, but with 76 million baby boomers rapidly reaching retirement age it’s a term you’ll hear more about. Basically it means keeping you in your home as long as possible as you age, if not indefinitely. This type of remodel encompasses things like grab rods, power stairs, ramps, walk in bathtubs and numerous other items. If you’re thinking that assisted living is a bad idea then you might want to check out this category.

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