Tips On Building Your Own Patio

Behr is one of the leading manufacturers of concrete stains. Behr manufactures many products like primers, wood stains, water proofing, and floor coatings. One of the best products of Behr is the semi-transparent concrete stain. This durable, weather resistant stain was developed by the company to help homeowners protect and enhance both, exteriors, as well as, interior concrete surfaces. This is a quick fix home remodeling solution that offers long term protection.

This product is siliconized and 100% styrene acrylic, to transform an ordinary space into an inspired living area. The Behr semi-transparent concrete stain is much preferred to the solid colors because it allows the stain to seep into the concrete better, thus, giving the concrete a more polished and long lasting effect. The time required depends on the condition of the concrete slab and how much time will be required to remove oil and stain from the patio. It’s one home remodeling solution that requires active participation from your end. Concrete staining material works on almost any surface, driveways, bathrooms, living rooms, and patios. Concrete staining a patio or for that matter any other surface requires vigorous surface preparation and would be better left to the professionals. It’ll prove to be a time efficient and cost effective home remodeling change when left to the pros.

A patio is a garden or backyard in Spanish. It is an outdoor garden space that is generally used for recreation or dining and adjoins a residence. It is usually paved. Specifically, it refers to a roofless inner courtyard found in a Spanish-style dwelling. Patios are generally made of concrete or stone slabs and laid over a firm base. This firm base is often made of a layer of compact stone chips, a layer of cement mortar and a layer of sand and provides great strength to the construction.

Concrete mix is a mixture of cement, aggregates and water, with or without chemical admixtures or other cementation materials. You can enhance the concrete patio by painting, staining or dyeing it. Staining requires cleaning and preparing the surface of the concrete, before applying the dye. You can also use acrylic paint to add decorative patterns to the patio. A concrete patio can be a great place to spend time and the backyard can be transformed into a luxurious extension of the house. So if yours looks bring, it’s time to work towards home remodeling.

Concrete Patio Design: Concrete floors are rather plain and you can be innovative and enhance their look in the overall landscape design. You must design the patio providing ample space for people and plants, barbecue or furniture, as you may desire. Some well-chosen flowers and plants can make your patio a real exciting place. Stamped concrete patio is a concrete patio that is designed to resemble slate, brick, flagstone, tile, stone and even wood. Popularity of stamped concrete is increasing and it is a commonly chosen material across the country because of its wide array of colors and patterns. Stamped concrete is a viable option as it costs less than other materials available in the market. It’s a cost effective home remodeling approach that ensures a solid new look with noticeable changes.

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