House Plan Design Tips

Home plans vary in architectural styles and designs depending on your taste and budget.Whether you are looking for a narrow lot building plan OR a southern coastal styled home plan, there are a variety of choices to suit your needs.

When dealing with home building contractors,planning your future, living lifestyle becomes important.

How long do I plan to live here?

If you build a unique house that does’nt blend in with your environment , it could effect your resell value if ever you decide to sell.

Consider future lifestyle plans

When childen grow up they may need their own separate bedroom. OR a house plan with a large entertainment area will mean larger amounts of people can be accommodated, or it might also mean to get a second bathroom with easy access.

Choosing the correct exterior styles that suits the climate and your community would be the FASTEST way to gain local government approval. The introduction of energy efficient equipment and components like solar panelling for hot water could also speed up the ever-so-slow process of authorizing work to commence.

When submitting your house plans with architects and building contractors to government departments, check with your land council for “local zoning laws”.
The zoning law states what type of type of buildings are permitted in your street. eg: Are factories allowed next door?
The licenced contractor will also obtain electrical, plumbing and building codes that all tradespeople need to abide by.

In most cases house plans can be modified to suit your desired changes. Prices for making changes can vary, this depends on

> Number of changes
> Plan size
> Style changes
> Method of construction used by the builder.

These changes can have an effect on your original budget.

Its so much cheaper to buy and modify a house plan yourself, than to hire an architect to design one from scratch.
To save MORE money with architects & builders, its advisable to provide relevant, clear, precise & accurate details that you may want changed in your future home plans.
This will result in LESS telephone calls + arranging of EXTRA appointments = LESS STRESS for you.


These are ideal for making changes to a house plan for all tradespeople involved in your home building project.
Engineers and builders for example can make relevant changes and adjustments to the masters designs without having to redraw the the whole plan again.

EG:To accomodate a greater lot of land , a larger patio, bathroom and/or B.B.Q area can be included.

Sometimes people are surprised that the modified changes of a plan can be more expensive than the originals (masters).
This occurs because professionals share the costs of the original reproducible vellums prints. Where as any changes made after that incurs a heavy fee, payable by the homeowner.

Depending on your budget and construction schedules, the amount of home plans designs purchased will determine a quicker construction time frame.

Perhaps with 8 sets purchased – each tradesperson will have the latest copies avaliable to plan their specific work in advance.
A purchase of a set of 4 – will help save some money but it may involve passing down home plans from one tradesperson or contractor to the next as work progresses.

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