Home Renovation Q & A

You’ve worked hard to shape your life. When we work together on your home improvement project, we’ll honor what works, then re-form and re-shape your built spaces with home renovations you’ll love.

As you shape your home, your home in turn shapes you. More than just home improvements, we’ll help you create a legacy. V & S Handyman Renovation Include:

Major home renovations
Kitchen renovations
Bathroom renovations
Near total reconstruction
New home construction Room additions
Second story additions
Outdoor living spaces
Updating & modernizing
Historical restoration

Remodeling Q&A

I know how we’d like to live, and our house just isn’t working any more. How can you help?

HOME IMPROVEMENTS WORK TODAY. Home remodelling is all about discovering new possibilities, about dressing the “bones” of your house with a new way of living. At the same time, we’re not prima donnas. We listen, and we pay attention to what you want. We’ll work together to preserve and enhance the things you love about your home with home renovations that reflect and support the way you want to live today.

Okay, but I see significant changes on the horizon for my family. How can this home remodelling project help us prepare for tomorrow?

OUR HOME RENOVATIONS ACCOMODATE THE FUTURE. The best home remodelling projects anticipate life changes. Today’s nursery becomes tomorrow’s home office or studio for changing careers. Today’s guest quarters becomes an additional master suite for aging parents. Today’s kitchen and bathroom renovations can be modified tomorrow to integrate universal design. Our home renovations work well for all the stages of your life.

I’m concerned about spending too much for my neighbourhood on the home renovations I want. How do I decide between home remodelling and just moving?

OUR HOME REMODELLING CREATES VALUE. Right from the start, we analyze whether your home improvement project not only fits within your budget, but also makes long-term sense for your neighbourhood. As a design/build firm, we only create designs that make good financial sense. By analyzing your house, the home renovations you desire, your neighbours’ houses, and neighbourhood trends, we’ll design for the highest value, creating home improvements that fit your budget today while increasing value for tomorrow. The important thing is to understand how you want to live…there are ways to get there at almost any scale.

If remodelling doesn’t make sense for my neighbourhood, what are my options?

HOME RENOVATION HAS ITS LIMITS. Yes, sometimes it makes more sense to sell your house and build new. But even if you decide to sell, you might benefit from some light home remodelling, either to help your house sell for more money, or help it to sell at all. At the same time, we can begin designing your brand new home. With new home construction, your land or lot is the canvas, and the sky is the limit…at least in the idea stage. We’ll apply the same calculus to new construction that we do to designing for home renovations, by balancing your budget and market constraints with your desires.

I live in a historic neighbourhood, one with a distinctive style. How do we add on and preserve that style?

WE RESPECT HISTORY. Our designs for home additions and home improvements respect both the history of your home and the character of your neighbourhood. In fact, take a look at this article about a major home remodelling project we designed for a home in a historic Alamo Heights neighbourhood. Read More >>>

Even if you’re not in a historic neighborhood, we’ll ensure—where appropriate—that any home additions and home renovations complement both the style of your house and the character of your neighborhood.

I’m not the least bit worried about keeping to a certain style. Can you give us a completely new look?
We’re open to new directions. Sometimes it’s appropriate to completely change the style of your house. Whether you’re leading the charge or keeping up with a new trend, we can design home renovations that take your home in a completely new direction.

I’m concerned about major home remodeling disrupting my life. How can you minimize the impact of the home improvement process?
We’re experts in construction project management. Our systems approach to home remodeling minimizes the impact of the construction site, creates built-in cost and time efficiencies, and creates a clean and safe working environment for our workers and your family.

I’m concerned about the environmental effects of home remodeling. Can we build “green”?
Our approach to home improvements respects our shared environment. Green building really has three focus areas: the performance of the house, the overall environmental impact of construction, and how the house affects the health of its occupants. As a certified green builder, we design energy efficiency, durability, and sustainability into every new home and home renovation project. We also design with materials and integrated systems that make the house more comfortable, and that improves indoor air quality.

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