Decorating the Hallway

Pictures look great on the walls down the hallway. There are several ways that you can create a beautiful hallway that will tell your family’s story. Use the hallway as a family museum. Graduation diplomas and achievement awards can be placed in frames with lights above them so you can accent the achievement. Buy a few shadowboxes that can display trophies and other memorabilia that have been collected throughout the years.

A small table in the hallway is a perfect way to accent a hallway without creating a cluttered look and feel. There are many different size tables to choose from so you don’t have to just settle for the one that you see in the local stores or the one that your grandmother gave you. A small table for the hallway comes in many different sizes and shapes but one side will fit flat against the wall.

If the hallway is too dark, try adding some light colored trim and molding. You can buy beautiful decorative molding and trim at your local home improvement store. Most hallways have a dark color trim, which makes the hallway look too dark. Adding light is sometimes not enough and you can’t keep the light on all the time. Try white molding instead.

Speaking of light fixtures, you can find a modern style light fixture for the hallway that will shine on every direction of the hallway. You want to make sure that when you turn the light on in the hallway that you have adequate lighting.

Lamps show style and dignity in a hallway. When you use lamps don’t use a large style lamp. Instead, use a small desk style lamp on each end of the hall to light the way and have easy access to lighting whenever possible.

Accessorize your look with candles, flower arrangements, and beautiful modern decor pieces that can give your hallway a new look.

The area rugs available for hallways are long and narrow or they are wide a short. It all depends on your hallway size. Oriental rugs are long and can fit into any decor.

If you have a window in the hallway, you will want to treat it as a work of art. The curtains that you use in your hallway will set the window aside from the rest of the hallway. You want to make sure that you use a color in your curtains that blend in and not stand out.

Your hallway can be long or short, narrow or wide. It can also be dark and gloomy or bright and airy so before you begin, sit down and plan how you want it to look when you get done. You want to create this look without sacrificing your wallet.

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on October 31st. Generally, Halloween is related to the scarier aspects of life such as like death, magic, and mythical creatures. Ghosts, ghouls, black cats, spiders, gnomes, skeletons, demons, monsters, and the famous Dracula are among the more famous Halloween personalities.

Halloween traditional colors are black and orange. Purple, green, and red are recent additions. Pumpkins and scarecrows are the symbols of Halloween.

One of the elements used in order to make Halloween a uniquely memorable occasion is make-ups and costumes. Pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns are one of the symbols of Halloween, so use a large number of carved pumpkins to decorate your Halloween party. Stenciled pumpkins will give the visitors to your party a scary feeling, as will creepy decorations.

Hang Halloween magic mirrors at the entrance of your home. Watching people get scared looking at their own terrifying reflections will be quite comic. Use dark decorations like a Halloween beacon with a pumpkin, Halloween clocks, Halloween candle holders, and Halloween wreaths for creepy Halloween parties. Use Halloween flags and banners in front of the party hall.

Decorate your car with Halloween stickers, posters, and symbols. Display all spooky Halloween toys in a table. Glue all the scary Halloween photographs in a frame, and hang it in the centre of the party hall. Decorate and light up your party with Halloween lights. Play Halloween music and videos that give off a spooky effect.

Arrange Halloween games like ‘Finding a Monster’, ‘Make a Mummy’, ‘Halloween Pictionary,’ and ‘Build a Monster’ for kids and adults to boost the enthusiasm of the participants and to enhance the enjoyment at the party.

The Internet has an incredible number of Halloween decorating ideas. A number of websites offer useful and unique decorating ideas for your Halloween party.

Nicely decorated Halloween parties will make the experience memorable not only for your visitors, but for you as well.

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