The Wonders Of Sliding Doors

The sliding doors concept has been around for centuries. However, sliding doors have undergone tremendous transformations since the unattractive, balky models of earlier years. Nowadays, sliding doors provide beauty, style, durability, safety and even energy efficiency.


These doors have a number of advantages when compared to their swinging door counterparts and this has continued to make them a smart alternative. Below are a few of the reasons many individuals prefer these awesome doors:

• They require much less space than swinging doors; therefore, there is the option of minimizing “wasted” spaces around the home. They are also ideal as closet doors as they enable better usage of that storage space.
• These doors do not open by themselves and they will not slam in the wind.
• A sliding door can be better manipulated by a handicapped person. In addition, there is the option of getting sliders that are a lot wider than the swinging variety. This makes it ideal for individuals who use wheelchairs.
• It is a lot safer to have a sliding door that opens onto a stairway or a small landing than the alternative. The sliding door will not require the individual to step back and be in danger of falling.

The following are a few different things to consider when thinking about using these special doors:

Frame Construction

From the perspective of a builder, there is a bonus in that even with wider doors, there is no need to be concerned about the door hinges being affected by the increased weight of the door. Older versions of these doors were made primarily from thin aluminum that let in air around the edges and would usually bend in the cold of the winter.

Nowadays, the outdoor varieties of the doors are constructed from a wide array of materials including clad wood, vinyl, wood and fiberglass. Fiberglass frames are quite popular as they can be made to look like wood, without the warping or cracking that could come with owing wooden doors. Additionally, insulating foam can be injected into the door frames and improve the capacity of the door to keep cold air out and warm air in. This gives it a distinct advantage over plain wood.
Panel Construction

While it would have been great, back in the day, to have attractive, energy efficient frames, an outdoor sliding door had a large glass surface that was extremely inefficient. Improvements have also been made in this area by using modern energy-efficient glazing. Dual paned or dual glazed windows that are filled with gas and combined with low E coatings make these remarkable doors not only attractive, but cost-effective and energy-efficient as well.

Sliding door technology continually evolves. Some manufacturers even design doors that can curve around a 90 degree. There has also been the development of the “lift and slide” technology. This makes it possible for a door to easily ride on its rollers and then create a watertight or airtight seal by dropping down into a track.

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