Everything You Need To Know About Kitchen Islands

Most people would love to have a kitchen island, because it allows you to have more room to work and is a classy, traditional choice. However, kitchen islands can be difficult to choose, because there are many options. If you are like most, you will probably go online to a home improvement website, or go to the store to get more ideas.

Where to Get Them

You can find an island on many home improvement websites and can find them in-store, as well. You can also have them made specifically to your needs, though this can be a pricey option.

Where It Goes

Typically, an island is in the middle of your kitchen, and is called a central island. This option will anchor the room and can organize the flow, while providing the most accessible space from any direction. If you have an enclosed kitchen, it is your only option so that work centers and traffic will not be blocked.

If you have a semi-open or open flooring plan, a perimeter island could work better, as it can either separate or connect the spaces.

Tips For Buying

You need to focus on what you need and think of it as an appliance that gives you more space and ability to store items. Islands come with many options, such as sinks, ovens, bar seating and more.

You will also want to consider the style of kitchen islands and which ones will work best for you. Various shapes are available, including rectangles, round and square options. The style can also include the extra amenities, such as a breakfast bar with seating.

While most islands will not have lighting options, some do. Decorative lighting means you get even more functionality from the island and can include pendant lighting or LED lights. These can sometimes be found already on the unit, or you can purchase lighting and have it installed on the island.


The most important aspect of the kitchen island is that it is large or small enough to accommodate your room. If you choose something too big, you will crowd out the other areas and become cramped. If it is too small, it will not be as useful to you.

It is best to hire a designer to do the work. They will figure in walk-aisle clearances and ensure that you get what you need and what will best fit the size and shape of your kitchen. Then, you can go online or to a home-improvement store to select those options.

For those that cannot afford a designer, there are a few sizing tips. For example, if the island faces the oven or another large appliance, you will need at least 42 inches of space between the opened appliance and the island. If there are two cooks, you will likely want 48 inches.

The total surface of kitchen islands vary, but each cook should have at least 36 inches of continuous work space, which has proven to be the most efficient and helpful.

Choosing kitchen islands can be confusing and difficult, but if you take your time and do some research, you can choose something that fits your space and that you will love to use.

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