Bathroom Vanities To Fit Your Style And Budget

Home decor in the bathroom does not need to be boring. Bathroom vanities can be selected to make a statement or enhance a particular look. Vanities can be selected from the showroom or they can be custom designed with a specific base, counter top, and faucet hardware.


Homeowners and contractors are paying more attention to the size of the vanity, in proportion with the size of the space, tub, and toilet. A countertop that is too long will make the room appear smaller. A vanity that is too short will look odd or out of place. Rooms with longer walls can provide an opportunity for additional counter space or for a double sink vanity.


There are many styles of bathroom vanities available in home improvement and home decor showrooms. They come in ultra-modern and traditional styles, in a variety of materials, colors, and wood finishes. Clean lines and no trim are features to look for in a contemporary design. Carved design or molding is a feature to consider when buying vanities for homes with a traditional style.

The choice of sinks is broad, with both modern and classic styles in a variety of configurations. Traditional over the counter, under-mount, and vessel sinks are available for most vanity styles. Vessel sinks in marble, ceramic, or glass are among the many sink choices available. Of course, the range of faucet styles to coordinate with sinks, countertops, showers, and tub units is nearly as vast.

Faucets are typically available in brushed nickel, stainless steel, brass, and copper finishes. Whether the homeowner chooses a single tap or a dual tap system, will depend on the style of the vanity. The faucet can be a simple design or one with ornate handles.

Personalized Design

Vanities don’t have to look like out of the box versions or like those on display at showrooms. They can be custom made or customized to fit the particular decor of the home or bathroom. For those who enjoy DIY projects, but don’t have a generous budget, vanities can be repurposed from old furniture or from old bathroom units.

Dressers, sideboards, and buffets make excellent structures for the base of a vanity. With some sanding, painting, or staining, they can become an entirely new piece. A custom vanity can be finished to look like an old piece of furniture or to look like something sleek and modern, out of a magazine. It depends on the preference of the designer.

Those who want a simpler project can cut costs by selecting products with simple designs. Custom trim and ornate decor can be added, to give the basic vanity a more classic feel. Adding a porcelain vessel sink or undermount marble sink will contribute to a classic look.

New Trends

Some new variations in bathroom vanities include the vanity tray, an open shelf type vanity, or mirrored top. Mirror tops and glass trays are suitable for modern bathroom styles and contribute to clean lines of modern deco. Open shelving vanities can look appropriate for both refined and relaxed bathroom decor plans. It will enhance the cottage feel of a guest bathroom and make it easier for them to find towels and other supplies. Other trends in bathroom vanities include offset faucets, and floating vanities.

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