Where Does $20,000 Get Your New Kitchen

Believe it or not, spending $20,000 on a kitchen remodel this year is no longer expensive, it’s the norm. The housing market is suffering, but the cost of new materials is still high, and the kitchen remodel still ranks in the first position when it comes to the main project sellers will tackle to make their home more attractive to buyers.

A kitchen remodeling project can be as simple as new window and wall treatments, new flooring, or new cabinets. Or you can create the gourmet kitchen/family room that is so popular today.

Light and bringing in the sunshine is in. Increasing the size of the main window or two is a common, but costly project that may push a budget past $20,000. To stay under a $20,000 budget for a kitchen remodel, this project probably needs to be shelved. However, funny we mention shelving because open shelving (non-kitchen cabinet) is in. This can range from open shelving attached to the main wall to Ikea-style pantry shelves on wheels for baking supplies. In fact, we have seen upper cabinets replaced with open shelves to give the kitchen a larger, more open feel.

One of the hallmarks of the $20,000 kitchen remodel is, if you have the room, and island bar with at least two bar stools. For the $20,000 kitchen remodel, a place for the kids to eat (and destroy) and added storage is the key by adding more drawers and cabinets. A $40,000 kitchen remodel will probably include another sink or even another full range on the island bar and this would quickly put us over our $20,000 budget. One note, the countertop of the island bar does not have to match the kitchen countertop throughout the rest of the kitchen nor does it have to be the same material (granite kitchen countertop vs. concrete kitchen counters)

A deep farmhouse sink is also a staple of a kitchen that looks like money was put in the remodel. In 2009 it’s the deepness of the sink that gives it the new modern look of a kitchen just refinished, and the old stainless steel sinks of just 5 years ago will look very shallow by comparison. Of course, an extra tall faucet with pull down dishwashing handle is the cherry on top if you have the $300 budget.

Finally, when it comes to cabinets, glass doors are in vs. the closed off look. When making a decision in the kitchen in 2009, always choose what would look the most open or let in the most light. Dark and closed off where your china does not see the light of day is out.

For kitchen countertops, granite still rules as king of the $20,000 remodel. For the kitchen floor, porcelain tile will win out over ceramic tile but resilient flooring is making a big comeback, and will be seen in many kitchen upgrades that push $20,000.

Not matter the amount of money you have to spend on remodelling your kitchen, you can find easy DIY kitchen renovations on a budget.

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