Small Bathroom Designs – 9 Tips You Can Use

It’s the truth. Small bathroom designs are the focus of current interior design. Small spaces aren’t a homeowners nightmare anymore; now they can be places for imaginative design that add to the beauty of the home.

Many people go all out to make their home a bonafide artistic creation. Interior design for small bathroom spaces is no longer the drag it once was. Nowadays, it’s turned around 180 degrees. Despite having many time-tested methods available in design books, many individuals will have a strong desire to liberate themselves from these rules when trying to manage claustrophobic eyesores.

Secrets Finally Revealed: There may seem to be a real lack of effective and fresh ideas for transforming your small space, but here we will unlock some secrets of design. Lay aside what you think you know and let your imagination run wild.

Here are some ideas:

1.If you love your baths, install a small, intimate, deep bath tub in an unobtrusive place.

2.A see-through shower curtain against an opaque shower wall will show off your bathroom’s style, but will not leave much to the imagination.

3.Don’t discount using wall mounted cabinets or recessed shelves. Use as much of the wall space as you can.

4.Your visitors will appreciate the artful use of pedestal or wall mounted sinks.

5.Save space by installing sliding or hinged doors.

6.Windows placed close to the ceiling leaves plenty of wall space for the installation of cabinets and shelves.

7.You don’t have to be a magician to take advantage of illusion. Allow light to stream in through windows and skylights, and see what an enormous effect it has. Creative lighting and the use of mirrors can transform a small, dingy space into a welcoming, airy space.

8.Vertical lines may add the illusion of height to a small space, but combining identical tiles on both walls and floors will really make a small room pop.

9.Using light colors – pastels or neutrals – can really jazz up your space.

Your bathrooms, especially your main floor guest bathroom, will get a lot of use and your guests should feel comfortable when using them. Everything about your bathrooms including how clean they are, their style, how bright they are, and what colours they are painted all reflect upon you and your house.

One of the most important things about your bathroom and one that makes an immediate impression is the colour you have chosen. Bathroom colour ideas are therefore very important and should be considered carefully. Dark colours should be avoided because in the bathroom, you need to be able to clearly see what you are doing. Dark bathroom walls absorb light and make the room darker than it should be. You might do best with neutral colours that are on the bright side so as to give the bathroom an upbeat feel.

The accessories you choose for your bathroom should mix with the rest of the room and fit in well. You have a sink, tub, shower curtains, and mirror that all need to fit together and look like they belong together. Some bathrooms also have a standing cabinet that should look like it is part of the bathroom. The colours you choose, the designs you choose, and the items you choose for your bathroom must all serve a purpose and work together to create an inviting room for your guests.

The wrong shower curtain can ruin your whole bathroom. When a person walks in to your bathroom, the shower curtain is probably the first thing their eyes will see, especially if it is pulled closed. Looking for some good bathroom shower curtain ideas is what you need to do if you want to make sure your bathroom shows off it’s best side.

Shower curtains come in all sorts of fabrics and designs now, as the day when they were all cheap plastic is long gone. In fact, you can spend quite a lot of money on a shower curtain if you really want to. Your shower curtains should compliment and not over power all the other design decisions you have made for your bathroom and they should blend into the background. If you use your shower curtain pattern colours and make it compliment the colour of the walls, you will be well on your way to a successful bathroom redesign.

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