Five Advanced Features From International Toilets

The toilets in a majority of American homes seem be out of touch with the rest of the world. When traveling abroad, one of the first things you will notice is the vast difference of features and appearance of the public toilets. These upgrades make the toilets easier to use, and many of the features can be implemented into your own home.

Check out some of the more advanced international toilet features and consider hiring a plumber to install them in your home.

Heated Seats

It’s such a simple upgrade, but it makes a huge difference. A heated toilet seat completely removes the uncomfortable nature of cold porcelain against bare skin.

The seats are heated around 80 degrees, to add just enough comfort without being too hot to handle. More advanced versions of this toilet include automated heating functions based upon when the toilet is used. For example, if a toilet is used a lot in the morning, the toilet can be set to automatically heat up and be ready for use.

Heated seats are typically powered by a standard wall outlet. It’s important to work with a plumber to ensure that the toilet’s pipes and setup do not interfere with the power for the toilet seat.


Bidets have been available in the United States for years, but they are still not as mainstream as they are in countries like China and Japan. Bidets are basically a streaming jet of water used to clean you off after using the bathroom. The bidet is operated by a small button on the toilet that can be activated by the user.

For homes with children, plumbers can install a child safety lock on the bidet. This prevents children from squirting the water all over the bathroom, but parents and other adults can still easily use it.

Automated Seat Features

A number of toilet seats around the world have automated features to make toilet access and management a lot easier.

  • Seat Sensors: A small sensor on the front of the seat will cause the seat to automatically rise as you approach.
  • Glow in the Dark Seats: Small LED lights or glow in the dark materials make the toilet easy to see in the middle of the night. Use the bathroom without having to turn the lights on.
  • Easy Close Seats: Seats can close after a person is done and they will slowly lower so the toilet seat does not slam down.

Smart Toilet Features

App and computer integration have become a huge part of everyday life. Now there are toilet upgrades that can help with medical diagnosis and interactivity.

  • Toilet Sensors: Sensors in toilets can measure blood sugar content and body fat. This data can be used by doctors to help diagnose problems and make changes to specific diets.
  • Voice Activation: Voice activation features can automatically flush the toilet, raise the seat, or activate a bidet.
  • Toilet Personalization: Using Bluetooth connections, a toilet can greet users and keep track of toilet uses.

Relaxing Music

Relax while using the bathroom with automated musical tracks. When someone sits on a toilet with a music player, a short track will play. This music is typically instrumental, catered specifically for relaxing. As the toilet flushes, the music will fade out.

This feature is commonly used on public toilets, although personal users can take it one step further with MP3 docking stations or built-in wall radios in their own home.

Currently, the prices for these toilet upgrades are at a premium until they become more mainstream. It’s a good idea to work with your local plumber, to find the best prices and equipment that is compatible with your own bathroom. Learn how to reduce your water bill here.

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