DIY Technique To Coordinate Exterior Colors

When you are painting a room, things are relatively simple. You have the walls, and maybe an accent wall or trim. If you decide you don’t like the color, you can always repaint. With outdoor colors, the stakes are much higher. Many brands of trim can’t be painted, and there is little you can do about the color of your shingles once they are installed. Since no one wants to have an ugly house, use this technique to make sure your house looks better than your neighbor’s.

Get Samples of the Colors You are Keeping and List Those You are Willing to Change

There are two major elements on the outside of your house– roofing and siding. In addition, there are several small elements that require decisions. These include trim, doors, windows, and the garage door. Unfortunately, roofing and some siding are impossible to paint, but in most cases, the smaller items can all be painted at a reasonable cost.

You might be doing a total home remodel, in which case your entire list will be “able to change.” In many cases, you will only be changing your roofing or siding, in which case you will be stuck with at least one color that you can’t change. Like it or not, whatever other colors you pick need to match with the ones that are staying the same.

Pick the Colors of the Major Elements

The roof and siding make up the bulk of the surface area of your house, and are the hardest to change. That makes them the logical starting point for your color picking. These two elements should use contrasting colors in order to ensure that the exterior will look right. Choose whether you want to work with warm or cool colors, and whether you want to go light or dark.

Finally, pick the overall colour you want to work with. Most homes use simple colours as their base such as whites, grays and browns. Choosing a bold colour for one of these two elements will make the house difficult to sell, because the purchaser has to love the colour just as much as you do. If you are stuck with one part of the equation, start there, otherwise start with your siding, and then choose a complimentary shingle.

Finalize the Design With the Minor Players

Now is the time to add in the personal touches that make your home truly yours. Traditional trim is either somewhere in the white family, or two shades lighter than the siding color. These choices complement the siding nicely. Some people try to go darker with the trim, but be very careful. This method could make your house look too cartoony for your taste. Don’t automatically discount it though, on some homes it can be the perfect touch.

Your front door, your garage door and your shutters are the best place for bold colors. They won’t have a major impact on resale value because they are easy to change. That also means you can change them easily if you grow tired of the color. Just as with trim, you need to take some care as lighter colors will open up your windows and darker colors will make them seem small.

If you only want to make a single bold statement with your home’s exterior, do it with the front door. More than anywhere else on the exterior, a bold front door area actually makes the home more open and inviting. You can paint the door just about any color you want, but a wood finish will elevate it the most. Fortunately, modern materials science will allow you get the stunning look of wood, even from a door made from a more durable composite material.

By working from the largest exterior elements to the smallest ones, you can ensure that everything works together in complete harmony. Once you break down the elements in this manner, deciding on colours becomes much simpler. Of course, if you still need help, you can always ask roofing companies what they would recommend for your home’s style and location. More about exterior painting.

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