Tired Of Your Boring Bathroom Sink? 4 Sinks That Are Far From Mundane

If you are remodeling your bathroom, then you may want something out-of-the-ordinary in your new bathroom design. One item that you can find many unique designs in is the bathroom sink. Some of these designs just look amazing, while others are amazingly functional in ways you never imagined. While unusual sinks may cost a few more dollars than basic ones, they become great design focal points, allowing you to keep the rest of your bathroom design basic. Here are some ideas for a fabulous and functional sink that will make you look forward to every trip to the bathroom. 

1. Programmable Temperature Sink

One bathroom annoyance that plagues almost everyone is having to carefully adjust the temperature of the water you intend to use to wash your hands after you turn on the water. Whether you have to fiddle with two separate handles, each controlling hot or cold water flow, or you have just one knob to turn, this task can be just plain annoying. 

Once you install a sink that allows you to program the temperature of the water before it begins flowing out of the tap, you can say goodbye to that hassle. You can set the temperature, then turn on the water. This not only eliminates hassle, but it also eliminates water-waste that occurs when playing with the knobs on a typical sink while you wait for the water-temperature to become suitable to use. 

2. Sink With a Swirl

While the programmable temperature sink is functional, the sink with a swirl mostly just looks amazing. This sink design is anything but ordinary. Children and adults alike will enjoy watching the water swirl in the sink as it goes down the drain. While you can enjoy the great aesthetic appeal this sink adds to your bathroom, your children may love it so much they begin washing their hands and brushing their teeth more often just to watch the water swirl down the drain. 

3. Aquarium Sink

If you love fish, but you just don’t know where to put an aquarium in your home, then this may be the perfect sink for you. The aquarium sink can let you keep your fish in your bathroom. It comes equipped with filters and lighting to keep your fish healthy and happy. There are feeding holes on top you can open anytime you need to feed your fish. 

This may look like a crazy sink at first glance, but it is very similar in design to any other aquarium. It is its simple location that sets it apart from the rest. That location can make your bathroom not only unique, but also a serene, enjoyable environment. 

4. The Toilet Sink

The toilet-mounted sink is great for people who want a unique bathroom that is also very eco-friendly. Not only is this sink mounted on your toilet tank lid, but the water you use when washing your hands or brushing your teeth in the sink then flows into your toilet tank. This can help you save gallons of water every day. 

Don’t worry, because the water you use at the sink is still fresh water right out of a tap. It is just the used “grey water” that is then recycled into the toilet tank. Not only does this sink help the environment, but it can help you save money on water and save space in your bathroom. 

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If you are renovating your bathroom, then consider using one of these unusual sinks from plumbers in your area in your new bathroom design, whether you want a more functional sink, one that just looks unique, or one that helps you help the environment. Some may require that small adjustments made to your current plumbing set-up, but that should be very easy when you are in the middle of remodelling your bathroom. 

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