Guide to DIY basement renovations on a budget

How to make your basement into a livable space

Does your basement have potential but is an unused space at the moment?  What if you could use that space for anything you wanted. Like entertainment, kids space, office space, bedrooms, gyms, man cave, and more. A finished basement can also help you increase the value of your home. If you are not sure where to begin on your DIY basement renovation then keep reading to learn how you can create an incredible masterpiece of your own while saving money. We hope this post will help you with any basement modifications you want to accomplish.

Checklist before you start

A few things that should be done before planning any flooring, paint colour, decor planning or other things as such. 

  1. Get a permit

If you want to save money, getting a permit is a good idea. Make sure to check and follow your zoning laws in your country.

  1. Check for structural issues 

Take a look and examine all over the wall inside your basement and also outside for any possible crack or foundation problems. This is to ensure that you don’t start the project without fixing any problems that can bring any future damage to all your hard work. 

  1. Look for any rotting

Use a long type of screwdriver and probe all the wood and floors that you can see to test if it’s soft and needs replacement.

  1. Take a look for any signs of flooding 

Flooding would be horrible after you did all that hard work to turn your old basement into an amazing usable space. This is why it’s so important to make sure that you inspect your basement thoroughly. If you aren’t sure how to look for these type of issues, a home inspection can ensure you that everything in your basement is good to go before you start.

  1. Check for humidity 

If the basement is humid, it is best to take the humidity out before you start remodeling to prevent any molding to your new and improved basement in the future.

Once all the same regular basement issues are dealt with, then it’s to start planning your layout and designs.

Layout and designs

Start with focusing on what you want to do with your basement space. Imagine the things you can do with this space and what would be the most useful to you and your family. You can find some helpful layout and design softwares online. Have a clear plan, then go shopping. Whether it’s online shopping or in the store, have fun with it! Plan out all the floors, paint colour, furniture and decor that you need for each room.

More on home renovations here.

Time to get started

You’re home with all your new and exciting goodies for the basement! Start the smallest room and work your way to the biggest and in no time you’ll be done. Depending on what you have to work with in your basement, you might need to call an expert for help. For example, if you need any electrical work done, plumbing, drywall or flooring and you or anyone you are associated with, are not experienced in what you need to have done in your basement.

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